The clever way to fold doors

Folding door solutions from Hettich provide a wide range of interesting front design options. Freely moving doors, cabinet body hugging or guided systems offer a choice of solutions for optimising folding door applications. Year in, year out, these fittings easily and reliably move door elements in practically any size, material and weight.

One idea, a wealth of options - all from Hettich.

  • WingLine L WingLine L
  • WingLine 220 WingLine 220
  • WingLine 230 WingLine 230
  • WingLine 77 WingLine 77
  • WingLine 170 WingLine 170
  • Wing 77 Wing 77
  • Experiencing folding doors in a new way: WingLine L

    WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors in a completely new dimension of convenience. The revolutionary Push / Pull to move opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the cabinet with just one movement of the hand. An impressive panorama effect! Further highlights: optimised running performance, soft opening and closing, tool-less installation as well as minimal door protrusion for efficiently organising the space inside. WingLine L competently and securely moves door wings weighing up to 25 kg and measuring up to 2,400 mm in height: a talented all rounder for the bedroom, kitchen and office.

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    WingLine L
  • Mighty impressive: WingLine 220

    You will never fail to impress your customers with sturdy WingLine 220: attached to the cabinet body side, the top running folding door system easily and conveniently moves even heavy and tall doors. Door wing weight up to 25 kg Installed on the top panel, the runner profile elegantly disappears behind the doors. Left completely unobstructed, optimum use is made of storage space.

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    WingLine 220
  • For mammoth tasks: WingLine 230

    WingLine 230 is the giant among folding door systems: areas of over 6 m² are opened up in a single movement. Perfect for large cabinets, e.g. in the office or utility room. As an agile room divider. Or for a walk in cabinet in living areas that can be opened and closed with a turn of the hand. WingLine 230 has exactly what it takes, supporting doors with a leaf weight of 20 to 25 kg. Extremely sturdy: side mounting with Sensys 8645i fast assembly concealed hinge. WingLine 230 requires neither centre panels nor any bottom guide.

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    WingLine 230
  • Force unfolding: WingLine 77

    The WingLine 77 folding door system connected to the cabinet body side makes child's play of moving doors weighing even as much as 25 kg. Running action is precision controlled and velvety smooth. Bonus: side mounting with Sensys 8645i fast assembly concealed hinge.

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    WingLine 77
  • All in view: WingLine 170

    WingLine 170 is the folding door system with a generous opening angle of up to 170° – with everything inside in full view and easy access. The guide bar mounted on the top panel ensures smooth door-panel action. On opening, the outer door half lifts from the cabinet body. No contact – no running noise!

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    WingLine 170
  • Fantastically versatile: Wing 77

    Elegant, versatile and incredibly practical: Wing 77 with two door panels (weighing up to 25 kg) or four door panels (weighing up to 20 kg). The entire door set can be moved in any way; door sets can also be interlinked. Wing 77 lets you produce individually tailored solutions for the bedroom or office.

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    Wing 77

Broad variety: Hettich folding door systems

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Innovative fittings that move furniture fronts smoothly and quietly. And because Hettich technology for furniture works so gently and quietly, you rarely notice it is there. That's the biggest compliment technology can ever be paid.