Perfect cabinet, perfect day: sliding door systems TopLine L and TopLine M

Because storage space is precious: The efficient use of living and storage space is becoming increasingly important. Also a challenge facing the way furniture is designed! TopLine M and TopLine L sliding door systems meet these demands even today.

Move sliding doors with effortless ease, making them appear to float

Move sliding doors with effortless ease, making them appear to float

Almost inaudible and luxuriously smooth running action.

Make efficient use of storage space

Make efficient use of storage space

Minimal door protrusion for interior organisation with a generous amount of space.

Install doors intuitively and securely

Install doors intuitively and securely

Easy and cost efficient door installation.

  • Move sliding doors with effortless ease, making them appear to float

    • Harmonising home convenience and space efficiency.
    • As smooth as never before – virtually silent.
    • Fascinatingly easy to open with very low opening force.
    • Perfected Silent System for easy and convenient opening and closing.
    • Consistently good running performance – even after a prolonged period out of use

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  • Make efficient use of storage space

    • Full overview: make optimum use of storage space and access everything quickly.
    • Safety first: The gentle self-closing feature of the opening damper holds the door securely in the open position.
    • Easy to reach: Widely opening doors, with minimal door offset.

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  • Install doors intuitively and securely

    • Simple and efficient: stacked runners for intuitive and secure door installation.
    • Saves time: The runner easily clips into place – without the need for tools.
    • In just seconds: soft closing element easily mounted to the runner profile.
    • Safe and convenient: Doors can be set down on the floor without having to worry about damaging the fitting system.

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  • For immaculate furniture design

    • Purist perfection: barely visible runner parts.
    • Large surface fronts: doors weighing up to 50 kg can be moved.
    • Perfect reveal alignment: easily and precisely adjusted.

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