A Guide to the top Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Kitchens are the heart and soul of every home – they’re places where families gather, people socialise and where you put your culinary creativity to the test. So, if you’re planning a kitchen reno this year, make sure it hits the mark with all the latest design trends and features that’ll make for a practical and stylish space for years to come. From sophisticated shades and textures to the latest and most functional cabinetry and shelving concepts, Hettich is here to help with these four trending design ideas.

Take a bolder approach with darker tones    

The world of kitchen design has moved on from the bright and airiness of brilliant white and the industrial chic of stainless steel. Right now, darker surfaces and facades are making their mark on the kitchen design scene for a sleeker and more contemporary look and feel.

Not only are darker surfaces easier to maintain, disguising those inevitable scuffs and stains, but those moody tones soften the light while complementing a range of popular styles from the ultra-modern to the more industrial and rural themes. For inspiration, take a look at the popular ArciTech Drawer system in Anthracite. Every detail has been thought about in this elegant design with the Sensys hinge in obsidian black seamlessly matching the surfaces.

Be courageous with textured materials

The minimalist approach to kitchen design is fading away as we say goodbye to the pure modernism of polyurethane in favour of a more layered look and feel. That’s right, your kitchen is made up of so many different elements and moving parts that designers are embracing the opportunity to explore a variety of textures across floors, walls and fittings. Whether it’s unfinished wood, natural weaves, stone or steel, a well-orchestrated composite of materials and textures promises to add warmth, depth, and above all, individuality to your new kitchen space.  

Embrace the concept of open shelving

Trendy bars have been using open shelving for decades and now kitchen designers are bringing them into the home kitchen for much the same reasons. As an alternative to closed cupboards, open shelves maximise the sense of openness and space while making your everyday essentials so much easier to locate and access. Open shelves can also be incorporated as an addition to cupboards to maximise storage without impacting on the overall look, feel and size of your kitchen.

Aside from the extra space and practical benefits, open shelving adds that extra bit of style and personality into your kitchen by showcasing the colours, shapes and textures of your most prized cookware, books or even plants. Better still, open shelving works incredibly well with a variety of styles from minimalist and industrial to traditional and rustic.

Overhead cabinets with folding and sliding doors are a must

Overhead kitchen cabinets are a fast-growing trend across Europe right now as Hettich’s ground-breaking hinges and sliding door mechanisms reinvent the way they’re accessed. Using Hettich’s sliding door mechanism, cabinets can achieve a sleeker and more contemporary look and feel without a single knob or handle in sight. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors also eliminate protrusion into the surrounding space for a much less cluttered appearance.

Alternatively, folding doors have revolutionised the traditional door and hinge mechanism by offering a way to open a length of cabinet in one single motion without the need for multiple opening doors. There’s no doubt, folding doors offer many practical benefits such as easy access and a tidy appearance, while adding another layer of unique charm and character.    

All these design elements will help you reinvent your kitchen space, so it’s fully equipped for modern living while boasting state-of-the-art style. Whether it’s the functionality of fittings or flawlessly matched colour schemes, Hettich has got you covered.