By Hettich/February 2019/ Hettich

Given the importance of design in the home environment, specifying products that can be relied upon to deliver performance and functionality is crucial. Since 1888 in the Black Forest Germany, Hettich has supplied high quality sliding doors and cabinet hardware to over 100 countries. The company is committed to design excellence and achieving comfort through design, whether this is in the residential or commercial space. Around the world, Hettich’s forward-thinking, practical design has earned numerous international accolades including reddot design awards, iF Design Awards, German Design Awards, and Interzum Awards.

The WingLine L folding door system avails of a revolutionary push/pull to move opening mechanism to give users access to everything inside a cabinet with a single movement. Compatible with wooden doors up to 2400mm for maximum storage space and a natural, contemporary aesthetic, Wingline L is designed with user comfort and ease of operation in mind. A tool-less installation process is bolstered by optimised, smooth running performance, soft closure and opening, and near-silent operation, while the lack of a bottom track allows for safer and easier access, particularly by aged or disabled users.

For kitchens and other areas featuring drawer storage, ArciTech Internal Drawers provide the ultimate in ease and accessibility. Easy operation by users of all strengths and ability levels is enabled by a smooth, balanced running action and simple handleless operation that will not slam shut. The highly stable runners are available in three loading categories of 40kg, 60kg, and 80kg, and the drawers are supplied in numerous profile heights to accommodate contents of various sizes and weights. ArciTech drawers are compatible with the ArciTech P20 Silent System, a push to open system that allows easy, virtually silent operation. The resulting drawers are quick and convenient to open and close simply by pressing the drawer front, which can be easily manoeuvred even when the user’s hands are full. The system can accommodate different drawer sizes and weights, and fits neatly under the drawer base, making it ideal for installation in environments where there is no space behind the drawer.

SlideLine M is a 1-track or 2-track close flitting sliding door system compatible with a range of storage options. From living room wall units and shelf systems to bathroom furniture and kitchen storage, SlideLine M allows designers to combine open and closed sections in furniture with ease. A single profile can accommodate two doors fitted one above the other, and an optional soft-close Silent System can be fully integrated and concealed from view.

Drawing from expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience, Hettich is renowned for their stylish cabinetry solutions that combine fast, easy installation with adjustment functions, soft stopping systems, and discreet components. With Hettich, designers and homeowners can achieve an elevated quality of life with the peace of mind that they are installing long lasting, ergonomic, safe, and high quality products in their home.