Overhead cabinets with folding and sliding doors are a must

By hettich/ January 2019/ Overhead cabinets with folding and sliding doors are a must

Overhead kitchen cabinets are a fast-growing trend across Europe right now as Hettich’s ground-breaking hinges and sliding door mechanisms reinvent the way they’re accessed. Using Hettich’s sliding door mechanism, cabinets can achieve a sleeker and more contemporary look and feel without a single knob or handle in sight. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors also eliminate protrusion into the surrounding space for a much less cluttered appearance.

Alternatively, folding doors have revolutionised the traditional door and hinge mechanism by offering a way to open a length of cabinet in one single motion without the need for multiple opening doors. There’s no doubt, folding doors offer many practical benefits such as easy access and a tidy appearance, while adding another layer of unique charm and character.    

All these design elements will help you reinvent your kitchen space, so it’s fully equipped for modern living while boasting state-of-the-art style. Whether it’s the functionality of fittings or flawlessly matched colour schemes, Hettich has got you covered.