It’s all about the minimalist look: Five design concepts that can improve your home life

Today, home design is all about the sleek, open-plan and minimalist look. That’s right, it’s no longer fashionable to decorate your home with ornaments and trinkets, nor is it smart to pack as many rooms into your layout as possible – those years are long gone!

Being right on trend with your home’s furniture solutions and layout could give your home the wow factor, but it’s also about so much more. From your home office and bathrooms to your kitchen and living space, the right design concepts could actually help you better organise your life (and destress!) Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Easy access wall units

Whether it’s above your bathroom sink or on your kitchen wall, wall units offer a convenient solution for accessing items exactly when you need them and at the most ergonomic height. For example, imagine not having to rummage through drawers for those essential cosmetics when you’re rushing for work. Plating up the evening meal could also be so much easier when all your dinnerware is stacked neatly right in front of your eyes.

Of course, to work best, wall units need to be easy to access without intruding on the space in front. So, instead of using traditional hinged cabinet doors, choose a one-track sliding door system so doors run across each other, neatly combining both open and closed sections.    

Sliding doors are back

Everyone loves an open-plan layout, whether it’s having the freedom to stroll into a walk-in robe or creating a greater sense of light and space across your living and dining space. But open-plan is open-plan and the concept comes at a price. Whether it’s concealing the contents of your walk-in robe or achieving temporary privacy between your living and dining room, these one-off conveniences just don’t fit with open-plan design – or do they?

Choosing to use a wide sliding door instead of tearing down an entire wall could be just the solution you’re looking for. Unlike traditional hinge doors, a sleek and elegant soft sliding door can vary in size without impacting on the surrounding space; this means they’re great for acting as a partial divider between two rooms or discreetly providing access to and hiding storage spaces.    

Deep and sturdy drawers

It’s fair to say that until recently, drawers have had limited use around the home – and it’s not hard to understand why. While everyone knows they’re a safe bet for storing your office stationery, cutlery and kitchen utensils, the words ‘hardwearing’ and ‘loadbearing’ aren’t usually associated with household drawer units. But times have changed.

For any loading capacity, steel ball bearing runner systems will enable you to install drawers all around your home – ranging in size and use. Large, deep drawers are ideal for storing your heaviest pots and pans in the kitchen, electronics and toys in the living room and even your cosmetics and appliances in the bathroom. Divider systems inside drawers can also help you organise your contents to ensure you always find everything without stress.

Embrace purism everywhere you can

Large clean surfaces are all the rage and there’s no wonder why. Whether it’s your kitchen cabinetry, bathroom units or living room cupboards, those stylish materials and simple geometric shapes should be allowed to shine in all their glory without distraction. So, ditch those nobs and handles in favour of push-to-open mechanisms on your cupboard doors and drawers; not only will this give your furniture a little extra oomph, but it’ll also make surfaces easier to clean while keeping small children out.   

Nothing gets lost in the ether with rotating shelves

Have you ever been confronted by the sight and smell of spoilt food that got lost in your cluttered cupboard or fridge? Or, perhaps you’re tired of knocking items over and spilling things every time you look for something. Well, there is a better way to organise food items, so you don’t waste good produce nor your time cleaning up the mess.

Rotating shelving in your pantry cupboards and refrigerator means food stored at the back can be moved to the front in no time at all. With rotating shelving, everything is easily accessible and visible, because there is no back!  

There are many ways you can enhance your everyday living by simply making the right design choices all around the home. So, if you do the thinking, Hettich will make it happen.