The Hettich Group is also affected by the global corona pandemic. We are aware of our great responsibility in this situation and that is why we have immediately taken the necessary measures at all of our worldwide Hettich sites to effectively protect the health of all our employees on the one hand, but also to keep our processes going.

As developments keep coming quick and fast, we are now reassessing the situation not only day by day, but by the hour. We will of course always keep you posted on the latest developments should any of our operations change during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

We are confident that we will all overcome this crisis together with the necessary prudence and solidarity. Above all, it is our heartfelt wish that you, your families, friends and all your employees will live through this challenge in good health and as unscathed as possible.

Update - 30 / 11 / 20

Joint effort for suppliers and customers

The Hettich Group also continues to feel the effects of the global corona pandemic and is aware of its great responsibility in view of the renewed increase in the number of infections. The necessary measures have been taken at all Hettich locations to effectively protect the health of the 6,700 employees worldwide.

The Hettich Group strictly adheres to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments and continuously informs its employees about all topics and developments relating to Covid-19.

Despite the very volatile demand situation this year, the Hettich Group has so far successfully managed to maintain production and logistics to an almost normal level and to carry out deliveries to its customers without any disruptions. The Hettich Group will continue to do everything possible to supply customers and offer the reliable service they have come to expect.

Update - 07/08/20

We understand that Victorian’s are adjusting to the recent Level 4 restrictions and what it means for you over the next six weeks. Hettich is committed to assisting and supporting your business!

Stock / Product Availability
Hettich’s supply chain network is fully operational, we hold good stock in Australia and we continue to deliver products to Victoria and right across the country. For our Trade customers, product can be ordered online, through your sales rep, or via a Hettich authorised dealer

Live Chat
Our live chat service is available on our online shop to assist with any questions

Customer Service
Our dedicated customer service team can be contacted on 1800 687 789, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm (AEST).

Our Victorian Showroom is closed as a precautionary measure to safeguard the health of our customers, colleagues and community. However you can also speak with our dealer partners about their availability.

Even though we can’t communicate face to face right now, we are still here to assist and support you! We ask that you stay connected, stay healthy, be safe and look after one another.

Update - 17/07/2020
New South Wales

With a steady increase in positive COVID-19 numbers in Sydney and with some customers closed due to staff infections and local area issues, it is prudent to cease all pick-ups from the Smithfield Warehouse effective Monday 20 July 2020.

This temporary measure is to help keep our staff and customers as safe as possible, we continue to remain diligent and maintain the protocols of social distancing and proper hygiene.

We continue to monitor all government advice and we will keep you notified of any significant changes.

Update - 25/05/2020

Due to the easing of government restrictions, Hettich Australia will now take the following steps:

Effective 1 June 2020 sales staff will be available to visit customers on an appointment only basis, observing at all times appropriate hygiene and social distancing protocols. Please note that our SA / WA teams will be available week comencing May 25th due to lower risk levels and restrictions within those states

At this stage our warehouse will remain closed for pick ups.

Any visits to Hettich sites or showrooms must be arranged in advance and by appointment only at this time.

We look forward to supporting further our customers and thank you for your tremendous understanding and support these last 10 weeks where we and many of you have been in some form of lock down.

Update - 24/03/2020

Further to our communication on 16 March 2020, Hettich Australia would like to update you on COVID-19 management and safety planning. Our objective remains the minimisation of adverse impacts and to ensure the well-being of staff, customers and the community.

In response to latest developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following additional steps:

  • Moving to work from home arrangements for all office based staff and now all sales staff till further notice.
  • Requiring employees who have returned from overseas or who have had exposure to a person affected by the virus to enter self-isolation at home for 14 days and to seek medical attention.
  • Suspending immediately all international and domestic business air travel until further notice.
  • Suspending all customer visits and moving all customer interaction to telephone, email or digital conferencing – our sales staff have been asked to remain at home effective Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice. This supports our customers overwhelming response to cancel face to face meetings.
  • Suspending pick-ups of stock from our warehouses and 3PL’s until further notice / industry events / Hettich site visits
  • Increasing appropriate hygiene measures applying to all Hettich staff & sites

Transport companies are not affected by State boarder closures at this stage. Please feel free to visit our Hettich Shop for online ordering or contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 687 789 for further assistance.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep you notified of any significant changes.

Update - 16/03/2020

Hettich Australia has been closely monitoring COVID-19 and is taking steps to minimise adverse impacts on our staff and customers.
In response to COVID-19, we have introduced safeguards to reduce the risk of disruption to the services we provide.

To date these include:

  • Moving to work from home arrangements for all office based staff
  • Requiring employees who have returned from overseas to enter self-isolation at home for 14 days
  • Suspending immediately all international and domestic business air travel until further notice
  • Suspending industry events / Hettich site visits until further notice
  • Working with customers on their own site safeguarding & minimising face to face interactions where appropriate
  • Appropriate hygiene measures applying to all Hettich staff

Many companies are seeing a global impact to supply chains as a result of COVID-19 - at this stage there are no stock impacts for Hettich Australia. We are working closely with the Hettich worldwide supply service centre to ensure business continuity.
We understand that many of our customers are reviewing and implementing their own business continuity plans. Please share these plans with your Hettich contacts or directly to me so we can ensure we meet your business needs. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep you notified of any significant changes.


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