Good furniture needs good solutions

Be inspired by a wealth of intelligent fitting solutions. Technik für Möbel: our way of saying technology for furniture that comes with fascinating functions, ease of use and many years of reliable service.

Magic lights

Refine your furniture and furnishing concepts with the sensitive power of light. Transform nondescript rooms into vibrant living spaces. This is where Magic lights give you all the options: compact, energy-saving LEDs you can discreetly integrate into furniture; intelligent lighting control that conjures the perfect feel-good ambience at the press of a button; and a range of functions that caters to everything your customers could want.

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Desk and office organization

Working constantly in the same position is not only bad for concentration but in the long run also for your health. Experts recommend changing your posture at the desk as often as possible and, for example, alternating between sitting and standing while working. Because that's what Hettich Technik für Möbel is there for.

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Connecting technology

What connecting fittings from Hettich join together just doesn't come apart. Solutions for any jointing task, for flexibility in design and construction today and tomorrow. Permitting the choice of classic and many new lightweight materials. Simple to use in production and assembly. Technology that stays put – perfection that's expected. From Hettich.

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Cabinet interiors

Hettich takes the effort out of accessing cabinet contents. Innovative ideas, ergonomic, convenient designs and reliably technology provide ways of making effective use of storage space in wall and base units, even narrow ones. Boosting the convenience value of furniture doesn't take much.

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Assembly and planning aids

With intelligent assembly aids and drilling jigs for perfect results! For mounting or assembling drawers, runners, hinges, mounting plates, connecting fittings, drawer fronts or handles: Hettich offers practical work aids, such as automatic drilling and insertion machines, for every stage in the furniture making process.

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ProDecor handle collection

Inspired by Life. Trends reshape the world. They are born out of the constant changes in society and technology. Trends express personality. Interior design is an expression of personal style. This is why there's a choice of the four ProDecor style worlds of New Modern, Deluxe, Organic and Folk: for homes with personality.

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LegaDrive Electric height adjustable sit/stand work desks

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Hettich product configurator

Gather information, find products, place orders – simply order online! Put your products together quickly and conveniently using the Hettich product configurator.

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Hettich CAD

HettCAD assists you in planning and designing furniture as well as in positioning fittings.

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