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Hinges from Hettich are the heart of good doors: innovative, reliable and long lasting. They provide top quality as well as clever mounting and adjustment capabilities. The Sensys and Intermat fast assembly hinges are particularly easy to fit and can be adjusted without any effort. The multiple award winning Sensys hinge has revolutionised the world of hinges with its invisibly integrated Silent System. Together with Intermat, both hinges provide solutions for virtually any application.

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Sensys with integrated Silent System

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Fast assembly hinges

Intermat with optional Silent System soft closure

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Intermat 9943 LGA-Qualitätszertifikat

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Selekta PRO 2000 LGA-Qualitätszertifikat

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Sensys LGA-Qualitätszertifikat

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SlideOn 2333 K0 T42 LGA-Qualitätszertifikat

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Intermat 9943

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Sensys 8645i

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Sensys 8639i

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Sensys 8638i

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Warranty Card - Hettich Australia, 2015

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Sensys in obsidian black

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Handleless furniture fronts

Consistently handleless: Easys

Easys opens the door to handleless refrigerator fronts. Easys opens the appliance door electromechanically in response to a light press on the front. And closes it automatically after 4 to 8 seconds. Without getting fingers trapped because they are safely out of the way.

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Sensys wide-angle hinge

Sensys thick door hinge

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