Effective environment

I want to live as I am: The ego is gaining in importance. Society is becoming more open and creative, conventions are becoming less important. Lifestyles that were previously considered unusual or courageous are being lived out in a variety of ways and are becoming a self-evident part of society. A strong self-image is the driving force behind the development of new socio-cultural structures, life and living concepts.

Levels of activity

The new, self-determined ego places higher demands on the ability to individualize. Everything becomes an expression of one's own personality. A piece of furniture has to suit me, not me to the piece of furniture: the desire grows not only to select products, but also to help shape their design and function individually. An exciting playground of possibilities.

Fascinated by solutions.
That's what we call Fascin[action].

Feel style

Purist, handleless furniture design ... generously sized front panels with perfect gap alignment ... Multifunctional fittings hidden from view: you appreciate the design character of furniture being consistently continued through on the inside?!

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