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New product

Sensys in obsidian black

Differentiation into the luxury segment

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Folding door systems

WingLine L

Experiencing folding doors in a new way. WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors in a completely new dimension of convenience. The revolutionary Push / Pull to move opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the cabinet with just one movement of the hand. An impressive panorama effect!

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Drawer runner

Actro 5D runner system

Stunning precision: if your inner expectation is perfection, Actro 5D will pamper your senses. Visually, tactually and acoustically.

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New product

Push to open Silent

Effortlessly handleless: Push to open Silent. On the lighter side of life. In design. In use. And in the entire process from the idea to the assembled piece of furniture. Find out for yourself – with Push to open Silent.

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Product applications

The Ideas Book - smart furniture concepts

Discover the fascination of smart furnishing: ergonomic and relaxing. Lightweight and quiet. Aesthetic and tidy. Flexible and livable. And last but not least: individual and full of ideas.

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