Conspicuously inconspicuous:
Sensys in obsidian black

As intelligent as nature: good camouflage is worth a lot. Numerous creatures mimic their surroundings and fade in with them to create a harmonious unit. This makes them almost invisible.

As harmonious as never before: Hettich applies this principle of nature to furniture design: with fitting system that function perfectly and blend discreetly and harmoniously into the design of furniture. Now there's also the perfectly camouflaged fitting technology for dark timbers and surface finished in warm tones ...

Perfectly camouflaged on exclusive materials and dark surfaces.

Practical versatility and superior design.

The Sensys range in obsidian black features hinges and mounting plates for all common mounting situations and also for unusual applications, such as for thin doors from 10 mm door thickness, for thick doors with narrow reveals as well as for doors with mitred edges all round.

  • Standard hinge

    Sensys universal hinge in obsidian black

    • The multitalented hinge for all common door mounting situations
    • For doors in thicknesses of between 15 and 24 mm
    • Opening angle 110°
  • Sensys universal hinge in obsidian black

    • The multitalented hinge for all common door mounting situations
    • For doors in thicknesses of between 15 and 24 mm
    • Opening angle 110°
  • Thin door hinge

    Sensys thin door hinge in obsidian black

    • Greater design flexibility: purist, light and airy look, classy facing panels, exclusive materials
    • For doors in thicknesses from 10 mm
    • Opening angle 110°
  • Thick door hinge

    Sensys thick door hinge in obsidian black

    • Superb furniture design with narrow, exact reveals
    • For thick doors / profile doors up to 32 mm
    • 95° opening angle
  • Zero projection hinge

    Sensys zero projection hinge in obsidian black

    • For doors mitred all round and for rebated doors
    • Zero projection makes optimum use of storage space
    • Opening angle 165°
  • Aluminium framed doors

    Sensys for aluminium framed doors in obsidian black

    • Concealed hinge for clip on installation
    • For 19 mm wide aluminium framed profiles
    • 95° opening angle
  • Standard hinge Standard hinge
  • Standard hinge Standard hinge
  • Thin door hinge Thin door hinge
  • Thick door hinge Thick door hinge
  • Zero projection hinge Zero projection hinge
  • Aluminium framed doors Aluminium framed doors

Sensys in obsidian black

  • Differentiation

    Visible differentiation in the deluxe segment

    Today, furniture doors with perfectly softened action come as standard. Sensys in obsidian black lets you create clear upward differentiation: precious dark timbers or other exquisite surfaces can now make their big entrance - because the dark Sensys hinge remains discreetly in the background.

  • Silent System

    Less hinge per door

    Sensys provides the best silent and gentle closing performance in its class. This means that compared to similar products, many common door formats require one hinge less – while still benefiting from Silent System excellence.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Maximum customer satisfaction

    Whether in a sunny kitchen or on arrival at an unheated ski lodge: with temperature resistant Silent System, Sensys always works reliably over a broad range of temperatures from 5°C to 40°C.

  • Automatic closing angle

    Quickly installed - and gets to work

    No matter how large or heavy the door may be: Sensys closes it gently and reliably. The exceptionally wide automatic closing angle of 35° makes it unnecessary to adjust or deactivate the Silent System element.

  • Furniture design

    Add the crowning glory to the design of your furniture

    The elegant Sensys hinge in obsidian black complements the design of dark furniture with absolute perfection.

  • Differentiation Differentiation
  • Silent System Silent System
  • Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction
  • Automatic closing angle Automatic closing angle
  • Furniture design Furniture design

Fascinatingly versatile

Dark timber shades and earthy colours.

The new trend for furniture fronts also includes dark wood decors. Alongside this, a whole palette of earthy colours has been rediscovered. This trend towards natural authenticity and harmony comes from a rediscovery of the home that promises a sense of well being and security.

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