Fascinated by solutions.
That's what we call Fascin[action].

A cabinet merely a cabinet? A shelf just a shelf? Most definitely not. Every piece of furniture has the potential to fascinate people. With luxurious convenience that pampers its users. With perfect space economics to free up the home. With design that sets pulses racing. Getting furniture moving – that's our passion. We can give you cost-effective differentiation with a level of diversity second to none. Easing your workflow with products and services. And fascinating you with solutions. That's what we call Fascin[action].

Hettich fitting solutions pamper furniture users in three experience dimensions: your customers will become space savers... ease makers... style scapers. Find out what this actually means on the next few pages.

Feel style

Purist, handleless furniture design ... generously sized front panels with perfect gap alignment ... Multifunctional fittings hidden from view: you appreciate the design character of furniture being consistently continued through on the inside?!

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Enjoy comfort

You like it peaceful, gentle and ergonomic. Cabinet doors that open wide and close gently. Drawers and pot-and-pan drawers that silently glide in and out. Storage space that's easy to reach and cleverly organised. In short: technology that makes furniture even more user friendly.

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Win storage

Living and working space is becoming increasingly precious. Using it as efficiently as possible is important to us. Any storage space – whether in furniture or in previously unused alcoves – should be easily accessible, cleverly structured and usable down to the very last inch.

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In make-up

Rockers want to look good too.

Just relax.

Chilling on the kitchen block.

Yoga in the spotlight

Finding inner calm in the hubbub of filming.

You want to impress and stand apart from the competition?

In this case, the Hettich platform concept is just made for you.

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