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The fast-paced product route starts with AvanTech YOU: Our convertible drawer platform brings light into the darkness - with the clip-on LED light signature. Then it's on to our TopLine XL, SlideLine M and WingLine L sliding and folding door systems with a lot of feeling: your customers will love sliding so smoothly and quietly. We can also offer you maximum running comfort with the Actro 5D pull-out guide. Accelerate further with the new Novisys: that's the name of our high-performance quick-assembly concealed hinge, with which integrated soft-closing comfort for furniture doors is now standard everywhere. And did you know how elegantly our Sensys swing door hinge in dark obsidian blends into trendy furniture design? That's right: now let's move on to furniture construction: with Cadro, our modular aluminium frame system, which is now even available with lighting, you're sure to come up with completely new design ideas. Take off! With "Hettich on Tour".

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Hettich on tour details

And of course, coming face to face with Hettich products and trying them out is even more fun. This is where you'll find our "Hettich in tour" details for 2023 as well as everything else you want to know.

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The idea behind the tour: "We're coming to you direct with our new releases!"

"Our message to customers: Let us make it easy for you! Hettich's bringing out new product releases, this time though directly to you. We can give yoiu everything it takes to train your entire team, even your apprentices, in no time at all and without any travel costs." Passing through several European countries, our roadshow brings the latest top new releases to fabricators, specialist retailers and industrial customers direct and in person. On location, our teams are ready to answer all questions and look forward to getting direct feedback. The benefits to our customers and partners are obvious: the entire workforce can get to know key Hettich innovations first hand and try them out straight away – right on their very own doorstep.

Dirk Beinke, "Hettich on tour" project manager

  • This tour is catching on!
    This tour is catching on!
  • Hettich's transporter vans
    Hettich's transporter vans
  • Sustainable
  • A good idea can get a lot of things moving!

    It all started with a new roadshow concept as a service for Hettich fabricators and specialist dealers in the D-A-CH region. Under the motto "Customer proximity despite distance", we started in Corona times and went on tour across Europe with our new product highlights as early as May 2020. Our customers were enthusiastic everywhere: "Hettich on tour" has now become a regular feature across the entire continent. Hundreds of dates every year and endless personal contacts and discussions with our customers and partners - from Norway to Italy and from Belgium to Lithuania - show the continuing appeal of "Hettich on tour".

    This tour is catching on!
  • Our Hettich transporter vans: cutting a great figure both inside and out.

    We deliberately use normal transport vehicles that we have converted ourselves for our purposes. This makes us much more flexible: small footprint, a self-sufficient system thanks to a photovoltaic system on the roof of the vehicle, and in addition our own field staff as drivers. During the winter break, we further optimised our vehicles: Now five new products can be presented on board. The entire interior is much more homely, almost like a trade fair in mini format. Via a large screen, we can also feed in supplementary information directly for the customers.

    Hettich's transporter vansHettich's transporter vans
  • And what about "sustainability"?

    Naturally, we've given a thought to that as well: to conserve the hosts' energy resources, the tour transporters can manage without any connection to the power supply at every port of call: a solar panel system on the roof makes the vehicles self sufficient. At the moment, unfortunately, the European tour cannot be carried out entirely with electric vans. So, in terms of planning and scheduling, we make a conscious effort to use our vehicles as efficiently as possible. This means as few miles as possible for as many customer appointments as possible. Short transfers between the countries not only benefit our staff, but the environment too.


Fast paced product itinerary

TopLine XL: Advanced technology, discreet look

Floor to ceiling, large format sliding door units make statements and provide visual clarity in a room. The new TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich is the key to creating cabinets with a focus on exquisite design.
The system sets new standards in terms of practical convenience and secure, straightforward installation.

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Novisys: Silent System convenience for everyone

Furniture buyers on a limited budget are also expecting more and more practical convenience. Novisys now makes integrated Silent System convenience the standard for all users. This is where our "made by Hettich" quality product demonstrates reliable soft closing performance. As a modern, sustainable system, Novisys leaves no margin of doubt with its efficient use of resources, top functionality and long service life. Furniture manufacturers benefit twice over: on trend furniture lines with added value at great cost efficiency.

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Cadro mit Licht: Das Aluminium-Rahmensystem für grenzenlose Möbelideen

Montagefreundlich und hochpräzise verarbeitet zeigt sich unser elegantes Alu-Rahmensystem Cadro. So plant man filigrane Möbelkonzepte schnell und individuell, egal ob als Stand-alone oder in Anbindung an vorhandene Möbel. Die neue Kombination von Cadro mit Lichttechnik verspricht jetzt noch mehr Emotion und Top-Design im modularen Möbelbau.

Zur Produktseite Cadro

Push to open Silent for hinged doors: Effortlessly handleless

Handleless furniture design conveys a clean, light and airy look. Push to open Silent for hinged doors provides convenience that pampers its users: easy, reliable opening. Gentle and soft closing. Push to open Silent can easily be added to any cabinet body and is suitable for all common cabinet constructions. Entirely without any power connection. 100 % convenience, zero cables.

To the Push to open Silent product page for hinged doors

ComfortSpin: New spin on organisational convenience.

ComfortSpin gets furniture organised. Smooth 360° action moves the back to the front with effortless ease. Easily installed and immediately ready for use, the clever turntable gives you a full view of contents in the refrigerator, bathroom cabinet, sideboard and other furniture. And to clean it, ComfortSpin removes ever so easily too.

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Design Gallery & Product Application
Discover exciting theme based apartments

Homes with personality – aesthetically pleasing, convenient, multifunctional. For many furnitutire buyers, these are decisive purchasing criteria. Use Hettich fitting technology to bring your furniture concepts in line with the latest trends. Our unique range of products is brimming with inspiration. For fascinating design. For convenient functions. For a new quality of life.

Design Gallery & Product Application

Hettich 3D Xperience World
Inspirational home environments with unique fittings solutions

In a unique visual presentation, Hettich 3D Xperience World lets you discover home environments in a variety of interactive ways. Go on the guided tour or simply discover the apartments and exhibits on your own. Experience our theme-based apartments with all exhibits in action and showing exactly how they function in reality. You will also get useful additional information, such as fittings lists, CAD drawings, product videos or picture material.

3D Xperience World
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Hettich products

Built into furniture of all kinds, Hettich products are usually invisible. But they are no less essential for that.

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