• / 2020-32 [The company]

    AvoriTech gets Poggenpohl off to a flying new start

    New 8mm drawer side profile demonstrates drawer perfection in every last detail

    Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH (Herford) presented a premiere at the Küchenmeile 2020 trade show: "AvoriTech" is the name of Poggenpohl's brand new drawer system with a slender 8 mm drawer side profile. The pioneering new...

  • / 2020-31 [The company]

    Poggenpohl and Hettich enter cooperation partnership

    Exclusive premiere in Herford

    Pioneering innovations and unique perfection – this is at the focus of both Poggenpohl and Hettich. In future, Poggenpohl will be using the expertise of fittings specialist Hettich in key areas of its portfolio and is presenting a groundbreaking product innovation...

  • / 2020-27 [The company]

    Hettich: Helpful e-tools for the cabinet maker

    Do it the easy way!

    Hettich wants to make work easier for cabinet makers and carpenters in every phase of a project and, to do this, offers practical online support from the initial idea, selecting products, ordering and planning to procuring material, realisation, assembly/installation and...

  • / 2020-28 [The company]

    Homeoffice ideas book from Hettich

    Working at home in the best of moods

    Corona has sent millions of people to the home based office overnight, making working from home the new norm. It's high time to start thinking about high quality furniture concepts for your own four walls. The new Homeoffice ideas book from Hettich shows how this...

  • / 2020-25 [Handles]

    ProDecor handle collection 2020

    New design diversity for all furniture segments

    Attractive handles make distinctive furniture design statements. And the new 2020 ProDecor handle collection now provides even more design flexibility: there are no fewer than 189 handles and knobs to choose from in 979 attractive versions. This allows...

  • / 2020-24 [The company]

    "Hettich on tour" now underway

    Roadshow presents new products and e-services

    Distancing while at the same time being close to the customer – this is what really will be moving Hettich this summer: two specially converted vehicles are going on tour with the fitting manufacturer's latest product highlights. "Hettich on tour" will...

  • / 2020-22 [The company]

    "Nice one, Guv!"

    Hettich: Golden agers develop "ComfortSpin"

    Since its launch in May 2019, the practical "ComfortSpin" turntable from Hettich has won numerous awards. And if, as the saying goes, every success has many fathers, Hettich knows after this product development: grandfathers and grandmothers too have the...

  • / 2020-23 [The company]

    Hettich: new 2020 Furniture Fittings & Applications catalogue

    Catalogue and website – doubly unbeatable!

    Right on time for the catalogue launch this spring, fittings specialist Hettich has also significantly broadened its e-services: the printed 2020 Furniture Fittings & Applications catalogue is now directly linked to helpful online features on the...

  • / P89_04-2020 [Drawer runners]

    Stability and luxuriously smooth running action for large wooden drawers

    The new generation Actro 5D drawer runner

    Generously sized drawers and narrow reveals are the mark of today's high-end furniture lines. This calls for high performing drawer runners which, even when heavily laden, reliably demonstrate strength and stamina: Hettich's new Actro 5D runner for wooden...

  • / 2020-20 [The company]

    Hettich: Latest information on the Corona situation

    Joint effort for our suppliers and customers 

    (31 March 2020) The Hettich Group is also experiencing the effects of the global corona pandemic and is aware of its great responsibility in this situation. For this reason, the necessary measures were taken immediately at all the Hettich sites to...

  • / 2020-17 [The company]

    € 1 billion sales threshold crossed again Hettich Group continues to grow in 2019

    The Hettich group of companies, one of the world's largest manufacturers of furniture fittings with headquarters in Kirchlengern, generated sales of € 1.1 billion in 2019. This represents an increase of 3.2 percent over 2018.

  • / 2020-19 [The company]

    The Hettich online exhibition is open:

    The stage is set for new products and e-services

    "Raise the curtain for the Hettich Highlights 2020!“ – The hardware specialist's digital trade fair is now open round the clock under the web.hettich.com/en-de/inspiration/shows-events/trade-show-online-2020.jsp : exciting product innovations,...

  • / 2020-18 [The company]

    Virtual tour through the Hettich Forum

    On expedition through creative furniture worlds 

    On-trend furniture design with user friendly functions for every furnishing sector – this is what Hettich's business partners can witness first-hand when they visit the Forum in Kirchlengern. Hettich is now opening its showroom in virtual form for...

  • / 09-2020 [The company]

    Megatrends are customisation and urbanisation

    Hettich is showcasing pioneering product solutions at Maderalia

    "Customisation" and "urbanisation" are among the international megatrends that are noticeably changing the way we live and work even now. Kitchen and furniture manufacturers should be able to respond to them quickly and flexibly. It is...

  • / 07-2020 [The company]

    Customisation is the new standard

    Hettich shows stunning solutions at Eurobois

    Increasingly, the "customisation" megatrend is placing an ever greater focus on the individual user with their very own personal preferences. How can these expectations be met in furniture design too? This is where Hettich wants to give the industry...

  • / 14-2020 [Drawer runners]

    Megatrends are kindling new needs

    Hettich provides future proof solutions

    Megatrends, such as customisation, urbanisation and silver society, are increasingly defining the outfit of modern kitchen and living room furniture in terms of fittings and pull-out systems. Here, user demands and preferences focus on greater convenience and...

  • / 06-2020 [The company]

    Hettich at Eurobois 2020

    Customised solutions for modern home and work environments 

    At this year's Eurobois, fittings specialist Hettich is providing exciting answers to the noticeable changes taking place in home living and work through the megatrend of customisation. Stand 6K28 in hall 6.1 is showcasing creative...

  • / 03-2020 [The company]

    Hettich's premieres at Holz-Handwerk 2020

    Products and eServices brimming with new additions

    New product releases for drawers, runners and sliding doors provide the focus of Hettich's show lineup at Holz-Handwerk 2020 in Nuremberg. A particular highlight will be the presentation of AvanTech YOU: with this innovative drawer system based on...

  • / 2020-01 [The company]

    Dr Andreas Hettich to lead the Hettich Group as Chair of the Advisory Board from 1 January 2020

    On 1 January 2020 Dr Andreas Hettich (50), a fourth-generation company shareholder, will leave his operational management post at Hettich Holding GmbH & Co. oHG and join the Hettich Group Advisory Board.

  • / 24-2019 [The company]

    Management team takes the helm at Hettich Do-It-Yourself GmbH & Co. KG in Melle

    Ralf Rammo is leaving the Hettich Group on 31.12.2019

    Ralf Rammo has decided to leave the Hettich Group to pursue a new professional challenge. He was instrumental in successfully developing Hettich's DIY business in Germany and worldwide from 1998 to 2002 and then as Managing Director since 2006....

  • / P88_12-2019 [Drawer runners]

    Quadro Compact with fresh features

    New comfort zones in the refrigerator

    Refrigerators today are far more than simple appliances for storing food. Useful features are helping to make everyday kitchen routine more and more convenient for users. This is where Hettich is lending a hand as a provider of innovative solutions for the...

  • / 25-2019 [The company]

    "Hettich Ehrenamt" 2019: 138 donation cheques for a good cause

    Non-profit organisations around the globe once again supported
    This year, the Hettich Group supported projects receiving voluntary support from colleagues to the tune of € 69,000. This campaign will be continued worldwide in 2020, as well.

  • / P87 10-2019 [Sliding door systems]

    Yet another award: WingLine L from Hettich

    New design flexibility with high convenience factor

    Following the "Red Dot Design Award" and the Australian "Gold Star Award", the WingLine L folding door system from Hettich has now been given the "Good Design Award" from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. WingLine L comes with a...

  • / 19-2019 [The company]

    Megatrend customisation

    Hettich is showcasing pioneering product solutions at Sicam

    "Customisation" is one of the megatrends that is noticeably changing the way we live and work. Increasingly, the focus is on the individual user with his or her personal expectations and wishes. Kitchen and furniture manufacturers should be...

  • / 22-2019 [The company]

    Innovative fittings specialist from East Westphalia

    The Hettich Group

    As an acknowledged brand, Hettich – Technik für Möbel has become a hallmark of excellence across the globe. Hettich  (www.hettich.com) was founded in 1888 and is today one of the  world's largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture  fittings. The company's headquarters...

  • / 16-2019 [The company]

    Hettich at Sicam 2019

    Creative concepts for home and work environments with a personal stamp

    At this year's Sicam, fittings specialist Hettich is providing exciting answers to the noticeable changes taking place in life and home living through the megatrend of customisation. Trade visitors will be provided with broad...

  • / P86-2019 [Hinges]

    Intermat fast assembly hinge

    Wide range for all sorts of applications

    With its broad lineup and over 100 door mounting options, the tried and proven Intermat fast assembly hinge from Hettich provides the right solution for a wide range of different applications. Combining Intermat with the optional Silent System gives kitchen...

  • / P82 [Hinges]

    Updated convenience for refrigerator doors

    K05 multiple pivot hinge now with integrated Silent System

    Is the refrigerator still an electrical appliance or now a piece of furniture? We at Hettich say: a refrigerator is both. Because the trend towards open plan living is unbroken. The refrigerator no longer necessarily stands in the kitchen...

  • / P15-2019 [The company]

    Hettich: Highly Satisfied with Interzum 2019

    Fresh concepts for furniture "as individual as you"

    Functional fittings specialist Hettich draws an altogether positive balance from its presentation this year at Interzum in Cologne: industry stakeholders from around 100 countries showed an enthusiastic response to the trends and solutions focusing...

  • / P12-2019 [Interzum 2019]

    Great way to live in minute spaces

    Hettich shows intelligent storage solutions for tiny spaces

    Living in 18 m². For some a life concept, for others a necessary decision because housing in towns and cities is scarce and expensive. On the new "Tiny Spaces – Living in compact homes" Piazza, interzum picks up on the latest trend towards...

  • / P11-2019 [The company]

    From megatrend to product solution

    Hettich ignites a fascination for tomorrow's home at interzum 2019

    Ever smaller living spaces in towns and cities, new life concepts and work models or the increasing demand for customisable furniture: at this year's interzum, Hettich provides exciting answers to the noticeable changes taking place...

  • / 13-2019 [The company]

    interzum award 2019: Hettich gets two top prizes

    Award winners are ComfortSpin and ViZard by ambigence

    Yesterday evening, no fewer than two prize certificates went to product innovations from Hettich. The innovative ViZard by ambigence flap fitting even collected the "Best of the Best" award.

  • / P81-2019 [The company]

    With ComfortSpin, everyone gets a turn

    Practical turntable for refrigerator, bathroom cabinet and larder unit

  • / P09-2019 [The company]

    Hettich at Ligna 2019

    Concept study being presented in cooperation with tapio

    Digitisation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence: Hettich and partner tapio team up and take the step towards Industry 4.0. Declared objective is to make machines more intelligent to boost efficiency in production processes.

  • / P80-2019 [Hinges]

    Gentle closing as a mark of quality

    Sensys fast assembly hinge from Hettich sets standards

    Tranquillity has become something of a rarity these days. This makes it all the more important for many buyers of home furniture. Furniture doors that close gently and in virtual silence are appreciated as a welcome added bonus and increase the...

  • / P79-2019 [Adjustment systems]

    Desks à la carte

    Modular system from Hettich for flexible office landscapes

    The benefits of height adjustable desks have now reached all executive floors: less back pain, fewer sick days, higher productivity and satisfied staff. The demand is growing. This is why Hettich has now added an Eco version to its...

  • / P74_neu-2019 [Sliding door systems]

    First class sliding doors

    Award winning TopLine XL from Hettich

    Large format, floor to ceiling sliding door units make a statement and provide visual clarity in a room. The new generation TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich is the key to creating storage units and wardrobes with a focus on exquisite design and...

  • / P10-2019 [The company]

    Integratable flap fitting from Hettich wins Red Dot Design Award 2019

    ViZard by ambigence: joint development achievement

    Invisible working components for magical furniture design: the innovative ViZard by ambigence flap fitting completely disappears into the furniture side panel. Once again, a fitting from Hettich has received the internationally renowned Red Dot...

  • / P06-2019 [The company]

    Hettich Group sales exceed € 1 billion

    Sales up 8.6 per cent

    The Hettich group of companies, one of the world's largest manufacturers of furniture fittings with headquarters in Kirchlengern, generated sales of € 1.059 billion in 2018. This represents an increase of 8.6 per cent over 2017 at € 975 million.

  • / P78 [Sliding door systems]

    Sliding and folding rather than just opening

    Attractive application solutions for the kitchen

    Top favourite with consumers: sliding doors. Hettich has developed special application solutions that effortlessly bring the ergonomic and design benefits of sliding and folding doors to the kitchen. The result: a wealth of creative ideas for kitchen...

  • / P07-2019 [The company]

    ComfortSpin wins iF gold award

    Innovation from Hettich turns refrigerator and cabinet contents through 360 degrees

    ComfortSpin adds a new twist: the turntable moves refrigerator contents through 360 degrees and puts an end to forgotten food and disorder in the space at the back. On 15 March, this idea brought Hettich a...

  • / P05-2019 [The company]

    The new buyer individual

    Hettich is redefining the customisability of products
    Individuality is the freedom to choose – and a megatrend that is permanently changing expectations on life and home living. A new values thinking on the part of consumers is making different demands on the design, use and function of rooms and...

  • / P04-2019 [The company]

    TopLine XL sliding door fitting wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2019

    Yet another product from Hettich has been awarded the coveted design label: the newly developed TopLine XL sliding door fitting sets standards in purist design for ceiling-height wardrobes.

  • / P75-2019 [Drawer systems]

    Drawers take the tall unit by storm

    Versatile storage concepts for the kitchen
    Win storage. That's what kitchen buyers really want because in the kitchen every inch counts. Tall units provide a particularly large amount of storage space. Fitted with drawers, it can be used in a completely new way for added practical convenience. A...

  • / 03-2019 [The company]

    Hettich bundles its marketing and sales activities in Vlotho and expands its management team

    Peter Kuppen (63) retired at the end of 2018 after 32 years with Hettich.
    Catherine Courcel (52) newly appointed Managing Director on 1 January.

  • / 01-2019 [The company]

    Hettich also promotes volunteer work in 2018!

    128 projects were supported in 2018

    In 2018, the Hettich Group promoted 64,000 euros in projects for which the employees volunteer. This action will continue in 2019 worldwide.

  • / P70-2018 [Opening systems]

    Handleless perfection

    Hettich solutions for design and practical convenience

    Handleless furniture design conveys a clean, light and airy look. A sensuous experience that only becomes perfect with convenient handling. This is where the solutions from Hettich set standards: easy, reliable opening. Gentle closing.

  • / P72-2018 [Hinges]

    For the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal

    Sensys with integrated Silent System for glass applications

    Furniture featuring glass elements bring elegance to any living room. With its narrow bonding surfaces, the Sensys hinge for glass applications creates a perfect purist look. Whether classy glass display cabinets or a modern material...

  • / P73 [Hinges]

    Effortlessly handleless

    Push to open Silent for hinged doors

    Handleless furniture design perfected by practical convenience. Push to open Silent is the new benchmark for impressive, user friendly functionality: handleless door opening combined with silent and soft closing. Perfectly complem enting this, Push to open Silent...

  • / P71 [Hinges]

    Kitchen design rises to new heights

    Kamat guiding hinge for extra high furniture fronts

    Minimalist kitchen design captivates with large surface fronts and few reveals. With the new Kamat guiding hinge, Hettich gives kitchen manufacturers the option of using high furniture doors on refrigerators with fixed door connection.

  • / 012-2018 [Sliding door systems]

    Red Dot Design Award 2018 for WingLine L

    Folding sliding door fitting for new design prospects

    The 39 members of the Red Dot Award jury rated a record number of 6,300 products from 59 countries. The WingLine L folding-sliding door fitting is testimony to Hettich's tremendous design skills, putting it among this year's best in the industry.

  • / P58 [Drawer systems]

    Designed for individuals

    Distinctive designer profiles for Hettich drawer systems

    With the platform concepts from Hettich, furniture manufacturers are not tied to any specific furniture segment by choosing a particular drawer system. Products offering great ways of differentiating are perfect for meeting differing consumer...

  • / P69 [Drawer runners]

    Hot, wet, cold – great solutions for electrical appliances

    Hettich products for white goods

    Hettich is focusing on the kitchen as a whole, resulting in more and more furniture trends being reflected in white goods too. This means: Design to fall in love with, impressive convenience and unimagined storage options. Or, in a nutshell: Fascin[action] –...

  • / P67 [Drawer runners]

    Taking dish care a step further

    Quadro for dishwashers

    In the furniture industry, the Quadro drawer runner from Hettich has set standards. It is now also impressing manufacturers and users of dishwashers with its excellent running performance and long service life.

  • / P68 [Adjustment systems]

    Enjoy comfort via the press of a button

    Power assisted systems for adjusting upholstered furniture

    Hettich is an expert partner to the bed industry and has a wealth of experience in power assisted bed adjustment. Hettich is now applying this expertise to items of upholstered furniture because power assisted functions turn them into...

  • / P66 [Drawer systems]

    ArciTech makes quality an experience

    Perfect differentiation in design and performance

    The ArciTech drawer system has been developed to let kitchen and furniture manufacturers put together perfect drawers for different furniture lines and personal needs while keeping their own production efficient. ArciTech meets exacting demands on...

  • / P62 [Connecting fittings]

    Disassembling and reassembling upholstered furniture the clever way

    CoFix by Hettich

    Hettich says: It’s time to rethink! CoFix is the innovative connecting fitting that allows upholstered furniture to be assembled and disassembled with just a click. CoFix revolutionises the production, transport and assembly of upholstered furniture – ensuring the satisfaction of...

  • / P64 [Drawer runners]

    Intuitive user convenience for purist XXL furniture design

    Quadro drawer runners with synchronised Push to open mechanism

    Quadro drawer runners with Push to open gently open handleless wooden drawers as well as the Hettich InnoTech and InnoTech Atira drawer systems in response to a light press on the front panel. To permit activation of large drawers from...

  • / P46 [Drawer systems]

    On the cutting edge

    InnoTech Atira drawer system

    The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours, different colours and a variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira...

  • / P39 [Sliding door systems]

    Perfect wardrobe, perfect day

    The new TopLine sliding door system from Hettich

    The new luxury generation of the TopLine sliding door system impresses in all dimensions: from fascinatingly easy opening and silky smooth running action to silent and gentle soft closing. Installation too is extremely easy and intuitive.

  • / P10 [Drawer runners]

    Impressive under wooden drawers

    Quadro full extension runners with Silent System for plug on installation

    Furniture scores with the concealed Quadro runner through smooth running performance, elegant look and reliability. The new plug on Quadro full extension runner with integrated Silent System provides maximum convenience and a...

  • / P13 [Hinges]

    Unlimited furniture design

    Sensys hinges in obsidian black

    The Sensys hinge from Hettich combines perfect design with a feel of luxury. Because Sensys is beautiful, and beautifully quiet. Now new, Sensys in obsidian black retreats into the background on dark materials, remaining conspicuously inconspicuous. The range provides...

  • / P57 [Drawer runners]

    New generation of user friendly functions

    Push to open Silent from Hettich

    As a pioneer of Push to open Silent technology, Hettich has added numerous new features to the second product generation. As a result, Push to open Silent provides the same convenience as electromechanical opening systems

  • / P63 [Drawer runners]

    Stop Control Plus for drawers

    Furniture locking systems from Hettich

    The Stop Control Plus locking system makes drawers a safe place for confidential documents and valuables. Besides protecting items from unauthorised access, safety also plays a key part from the aspect of preventing furniture from tipping over as more and more...

  • / P52 [Sliding door systems]

    Panorama effects for more room in the room

    WingLine L from Hettich

    Whether in the wardrobe, in alcoves or in the top mounted kitchen unit: WingLine L from Hettich is the folding sliding door system that impresses in all sorts of applications. The new "Push / Pull to Move" opening mechanism creates panorama effects, design flexibility and a...

  • / P61 [Opening systems]

    Wow programme for the dishwasher

    ComfortSwing from Hettich

    ComfortSwing is the first lifting system on the market to raise the dishwasher's bottom rack to the level of the top rack. This is particularly convenient for the user and, with integrated Silent System, also gentle on dishes and glasses.

  • / P60 [Hinges]

    Technology and design in perfect harmony

    K05 refrigerator hinges from Hettich

    The K05 hinge from Hettich not only impresses with reliable and convenient functions but also with a design that harmoniously integrates into refrigerators. Available in metallic look as well as in white and an elegant dark tone, the working components blend...

  • / P01 [Sliding door systems]

    Scope for new ideas

    SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich

    The SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich is a system for many applications. Merging into the background, it doesn't interfere with the design of furniture and gives sliding door elements a look of elegance.

  • / P49 [Opening systems]

    The refrigerator as a design object

    Easys for handleless refrigerator opening

    Handleless fronts give purist looking kitchens a particularly sharp edge. The Easys electromechanical opening system from Hettich neatly incorporates refrigerators into handleless kitchen design. Besides its space saving installed height, the system...

  • / P48 [Drawer systems]

    Intelligent and securely organised

    SmarTray pencil tray system

    Modular and compact, the talented SmarTray organiser from Hettich is just as much at home below the desk top as it is in any cabinet. In the lockable version made of steel, SmarTray is the ideal place to keep valuables or confidential matter. SmarTray in plastic is...

  • / P05 [Drawer runners]

    Wooden drawer perfection

    Quadro provides many ways to differentiate

    The Quadro bottom mounted drawer runner brings a look of elegance and perfect performance to any wooden drawer. Complementing the line up with optional synchronisation for the Push to open function as well as a 4D front panel adjustment capability, Hettich...

  • / P54 [Locking systems]

    Hettlock for maximum security

    Electronic furniture locking systems from Hettich

    When objects need to be kept safe and secure, Hettich offers numerous solutions for locking and unlocking furniture electronically: by transponder or card, keypad or smartphone. These electronic locking systems can used in any application for hinged...

  • / P51 [Handles]

    ProDecor quickly meets trends

    Designing furniture in line with the market and current trends

    Changing trends are adding new vigour to the furniture market. And every emerging trend gives cabinet makers, fabricators and retailers new creative and sales boosting potential that can be exploited to the full with the ProDecor handle...

  • / P56 [Drawer systems]

    Design carried through in the drawer

    AvanTech with perfectly designed interior organisation system

    The AvanTech drawer system from Hettich thrills with award winning design in its most purist of forms. Without visible plastic parts or screws, it sets a design benchmark behind the front panel. For the AvanTech drawer's unique aesthetic...

  • / P50 [Drawer systems]

    Design variety, high efficiency

    Systems from Hettich meet the demands of market and production alike

    High market coverage from a differentiated furniture range, in harmony with lean production – not a problem with drawer and runner systems from Hettich. The new AvanTechpremium drawer system and wooden drawers can be fitted on...

  • / P16 [Handles]

    ProDecor handle collection 2016

    Inspired by Life

    New models and new materials make the 2016 ProDecor handle collection a design factor in every piece of furniture. Hettich provides cabinet makers with a convenient service package for advising, planning and producing.

  • / P22 [Drawer systems]

    Innovative opening function

    Push to open Silent for ArciTech drawers

    Engineered by Hettich, ArciTech and the new Push to open Silent function culminate in a system drawer that combines a mechanical Push to open mechanism with the convenience and luxurious feel of Silent System. In particular, the system impresses with narrow...

  • / P03 [Drawer runners]

    Quadro for ovens

    Easy to clean and full steam ahead

    Hettich redefines convenience in the kitchen: Quadro 6 runners ensure a particular pleasant and safe cooking experience combined with extremely easy cleaning. This is why the proven convenience of the Quadro runners has now been carried over from furniture to the...

  • / P36 [Sliding door systems]

    Invisibly smart – whisper quiet

    TopLine XL for large fronted cabinets

    Large surface fronts, floor to ceiling cabinets: purists just love sliding doors. And sliding doors love TopLine XL. Because the concealed system moves large, heavy doors smoothly and quietly, even if they weigh up to 80 kg.

  • / P37 [Drawer runners]

    Cool fittings for extreme conditions

    Fittings program for the refrigeration sector

    As an innovative partner to the white goods industry, Hettich develops solutions with expertise in technology for furniture. As a result, electrical appliances can also be equipped universally with Hettich fittings and their convenience features. The...

  • / P08 [Drawer systems]

    Platform leads the way

    Systema Top 2000 from Hettich

    Systema Top 2000, the market's leading organisation system is constantly being geared to the needs of the market. The platform concept provides an easy way of meeting the demands for quality and convenience as well as the wish for individuality in the contract business....

  • / P47 [Drawer runners]

    Impressively precise

    Actro 5D drawer runner from Hettich

    Hidden from view behind the drawer bottom panel, yet essential for breathtakingly good furniture design, that's the Actro 5D drawer runner. With precision 5-way adjustment and outstanding stability. Narrow reveals and large format, perfectly aligned front panels...

  • / P38 [Drawer systems]

    Practising perfection

    AvanTech drawer system from Hettich

    The drawer system that continues the most exacting design aspirations on the inside of furniture: AvanTech cuts a fine figure with perfect sleek lines, sharply rounded edges and no cover caps or holes whatsoever in the high quality 13 mm aluminium drawer side...

  • / P11 [Adjustment systems]

    The healthier and more efficient way to work

    LegaDrive Systems from Hettich

    An attractive office environment with flexible and ergonomic workplaces is one of the keys to a company's competitiveness. This is where power assisted adjustable desks that give users the choice of working either sitting down or standing up play a crucial part. The Le...

  • / P12 [Drawer systems]

    Diversity made easy

    InnoTech drawer system with platform concept

    The InnoTech platform concept provides maximum flexibility for drawers and extensions because the same side profile is always used for all options. This makes it possible to satisfy specific customer preferences, opening up previously untapped sales...

  • / P42 [Adjustment systems]

    Practical convenience for living-rooms and bedrooms

    New products for upholstered furniture and beds

    The FrankoFlex adjustable fitting remains synonymous with adjustment in upholstered furniture. Hettich complements the range with new functions while also offering aids to simplify handling and installation. The Mosys system for adjusting beds has been...

  • / P24 [Adjustment systems]

    Infinitely variable comfort and convenience

    Friction fitting FricoFlex from Hettich

    The new FricoFlex friction fitting from Hettich gives manufacturers of upholstered furniture the capability of making upholstered furniture head and arm rests adjust to any position in complete silence.

  • / P41 [Sliding door systems]

    Maximum convenience, maximum use of storage space

    SysLine S from Hettich

    Integrated in the top panel and therefore invisible from the outside SysLine S sowohlfacilitates design aspects as well as an optimum use of storage space. SysLine S has become established in high quality sliding door cabinets with inset doors.

  • / P02 [Drawer systems]

    ArciTech sets for retailers and tradespeople

    Drawers and pot-and-pan drawers in just a few steps

    Coming with all the components needed to make any chosen design of drawer, ArciTech drawer sets are available for retailers and tradespeople. Hettich gives cabinet makers and fabricators the choice between all-inclusive sets and flexible sets.

  • / P45 [Drawer systems]

    ArciTech preassembled drawers for cabinet makers

    Maximum choice, minimum effort

    The all-inclusive sets and flexible ArciTech sets are the quick, uncomplicated answer to giving cabinet makers and carpenters individually tailored drawers that satisfy their needs. Offering the new ArciTech preassembled drawers, Hettich provides a further convenient...

  • / P27 [Sliding door systems]

    A sliding door system for every application

    SlideLine 55 Plus

    The SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door fitting from Hettich provides design flexibility as well as practical added value for the user.

  • / P23 [Drawer systems]

    Ideas for organising the drawer

    Interior accessories for ArciTech

    A well planned kitchen ensures short distances and smooth work flows. To continue meeting practical needs as the years go by, kitchen unit interiors need to be right as well. As such, drawers and pot-and-pan drawers define the front of today's kitchens. This makes...

  • / P14 [Drawer runners]

    New drawer runner for refrigerator compartments

    Quadro Compact runner line from Hettich

    The new Quadro Compact FE 20 drawer runner for small crisper compartments complements the Quadro Compact range – for consistency and a feel of luxury in the refrigerator and freezer.

  • / P20 [Drawer systems]

    Push to open opening system for purist furniture design

    Intuitive user convenience

    Whether in the kitchen, living-room, bathroom or office: the trend towards purist furniture design is unbroken. The Easys electromechanical opening system provides opening systems for all parts of the home.

  • / P18 [Assembly machinery]

    Minimum effort, maximum performance:

    BlueMax Mini Modular

    The compact automatic drilling and insertion machine with interchangeable drilling unit is stirring up the market: it can also produceg 90°offset drilling patterns, e.g. for drawer runners.

  • / P17 [Assembly machinery]

    Assembly systems from Hettich

    New products for woodworkers

    BlueMax automatic drilling and insertion machines provide fabricator specific solutions with which Hettich concentrates the endeavours towards rationalisation in the trades and interior fitting work on one product. BlueMax efficiently drills holes and hole lines for...

  • / P19 [Assembly machinery]

    Working precision of a professional

    BlueMax Modular from Hettich

    BlueMax automatic drilling and insertion machines are just one example of other fabricator specific solutions with which Hettich concentrates the endeavours towards rationalisation in the trades and interior fitting work on one product. BlueMax efficiently drills holes...

  • / P07 [Drawer systems]

    The sum of function and design

    SysTech drawer system from Hettich

    The high-quality and flexible SysTech drawer system is bringing more and more of a homely feel to the office environment. The system combines tried and proven functions with a new design style that also continues trends into furniture interiors.

  • / P06 [Drawer systems]

    InnoTech and ArciTech

    Drawer systems from Hettich with platform concept

    The efficient platform concept behind the InnoTech and ArciTech double-walled drawer systems guarantees lean production while minimising the cost and effort involved in manufacturing, stock-keeping and logistics. They also impress with their...

  • / P09 [Drawer systems]

    Taking ergonomics and user convenience to new heights

    Big Org@Tower from Hettich

    The tried and proven Big Org@Tower stationary pedestal in high-rise format is now also available for wooden drawers. This broadens Hettich's product line-up for the increasingly popular bench workstation.

  • / P43 [Adjustment systems]

    PowerFlex makes the living room an exciting place to chill

    Adjustable fitting for upholstered furniture

    The PowerFlex adjustable fitting from Hettich provides manufacturers of upholstered furniture with unique options for giving a mark of distinction to furniture with particularly long and large segments.

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