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Integratable flap fitting from Hettich wins Red Dot Design Award 2019

ViZard by ambigence: joint development achievement

Invisible working components for magical furniture design: the innovative ViZard by ambigence flap fitting completely disappears into the furniture side panel. Once again, a fitting from Hettich has received the internationally renowned Red Dot Award for this outstanding design achievement.

Award winning product design: the ViZard by ambigence flap fitting from Hettich completely hides working components and convenience in the furniture side panel. Photo: Hettich

Winning the award in the "Product Design 2019" category, the flap fitting clears the way for designing perfect, purist furniture. Innovatively integrated in the side panel, the system is completely hidden from view. Convenience you can feel but not see: this sets new standards in furniture construction. The exclusive product solution was developed in cooperation with Hettich partner ambigence who specialises in integrating function fittings in furniture elements.

ViZard by ambigence provides an ingenious solution in the quest for immaculate, beautiful furniture design. In future, it can be used to create a new generation of furniture in the premium segment. Further benefit: every inch of interior space is now available for creative design ideas.