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Red Dot Design Award 2024 for FurnSpin from Hettich

Accolade goes to FurnSpin in the "Innovative Products" category for its high level of innovation

Hettich not only shows innovation in its products but carries it in its DNA too. Besides milestones in innovation, this is also evident in numerous prestigious awards – once again, Hettich impresses with its tremendous power to innovate: FurnSpin wins the Red Dot Design Award 2024 in the "Innovative Products" category.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in the "Innovative Products" category. FurnSpin brings elegant dynamic to high end interior design. With a sweep of the hand, the entire cabinet body can be turned from the closed to the open position. Photo: Hettich

"Among the numerous entries from businesses and design studios across the globe, the outstanding quality and design of your product leaves our international jury in no doubt! We acknowledge this terrific achievement with the Red Dot Winner Label," said the Red Dot Design Award jury.

The innovative FurnSpin fitting for the high-end division gets rid of old-style formats and puts a creative new spin on furniture design. Its unique "translatory rotational movement" can literally turn furniture inside out. Open doors and flaps no longer get in the way: most of the cabinet body can now be moved with effortless ease. A stylish turn leaves furniture to reveal what's inside. Hiding everything from view again, a further spin returns furniture to its closed state. As such, FurnSpin enables ground-breaking spatial and furniture concepts with stunning performance in a quality of design that clearly stands apart from the norm. The characteristic "spin" spells pleasure and gives users a fascinating furniture experience that leaves a lasting mark.

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Get more on FurnSpin at: https://furnspin.hettich.com/