With AvanTech YOU you create the drawer design you need for your furniture and application - whether for the bathroom, living room or kitchen. The concept provides a huge amount of design flexibility in terms of colour, shape and material, giving you the key to successfully turning your own furniture design ideas into reality. It's so easy to implement!

Design profiles

Use the many different ways of shaping and customising the design of your furniture.


Set standards with outstanding product design and attract attention with special solutions.

AvanTech YOU Inlay

Create superior furniture designs and open up new market segments with your own application solutions.


    With a width of only 13 mm, AvanTech YOU is uncompromisingly sleek. Where the components discreetly vanish into the slender drawer side profile, there is room for creativity and freedom of design.

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  • Customisation made easy.

    With a simple click, design profiles or DesignCapes conjure an accentuated, visual transformation. With elegant inserts of glass or other materials for the inlay drawer sides, individual furniture designs can be created. Take advantage of the diverse design options by implementing them on your own or choose a strong Hettich partner for your individual solution.

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  • Design profiles

    Give your furniture unmistakable character and respond quickly to the latest design trends. The quickest way: Use design profiles that we offer as standard, or create your own individual design profiles and make your furniture distinctive.

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  • DesignCapes

    Using DesignCapes - whether from the standard or customised range - it is possible to set many accents: you don't have to forego your own materials, colour trends or finishes. AvanTech YOU makes the impossible possible!

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  • AvanTech YOU Inlay

    Only the best solutions for personal preferences: whether glass in the standard finish or customised in a wide variety of materials, such as wood, stone or slate.  In the standard range we supply clear glass, with a thickness of 10 mm. However, you also have the option of using materials with a thickness of 8 mm.

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Do you want to implement your own ideas and use your own materials? With AvanTech YOU and the manual "Individualisierung leicht gemacht" (Customisation made easy) you will find the solution that suits you best: You can use the standard range, you can customise on your own or you can choose a perfect Hettich partner.


Do you want your furniture to make an impression?

You are looking for a solution to get your own design variant without making it on your own. We have the right partners for you to create even more finishes and design components. Use additional colours and materials for outstanding customisation options in design profiles, DesignCapes and inlay materials.

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