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The fast paced product itinerary all starts with AvanTech YOU: our customisable drawer platform sheds light where it's dark – with the new, clip on LED signature lighting. Now, charged with emotion, the journey takes us to our TopLine L, SlideLine M and WingLine L sliding and folding sliding door systems: and as smooth and quiet as they are, your customers will soon learn to slide it, love it. We can also give you superior drawer running action with the Actro 5D runner. And did you know how elegantly our Sensys side hung door hinge in dark obsidian goes with furniture design that's right on trend? That's right: let's now take a look at furniture making: Cadro, our modular aluminium frame system, is sure to spark new design ideas of a type never seen before. And finally, it's off to the outer circuit: Veosys is the name of our stainless steel hinge designed specifically for outdoor and shipbuilding use. Well, thank goodness you don't have to stay outside in the elements for long.

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And of course, coming face to face with Hettich products and trying them out is even more fun. This is where you'll find our "Hettich in tour" details for 2022 as well as everything else you want to know.

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The idea behind the tour: "We're coming to you direct with our new releases!"

The idea behind the tour: "We're coming to you direct with our new releases!"

  • Dirk Beinke
    Dirk Beinke
  • Closeness to customers
    Closeness to customers
  • Hettich's transporter vans
    Hettich's transporter vans
  • Sustainable
  • Dirk Beinke, "Hettich on tour" project manager:

    "Our message to customers: Let us make it easy for you! Hettich's bringing out new product releases, this time though directly to you. We can give yoiu everything it takes to train your entire team, even your apprentices, in no time at all and without any travel costs." Passing through several European countries, our roadshow brings the latest top new releases to fabricators, specialist retailers and industrial customers direct and in person. On location, our teams are ready to answer all questions and look forward to getting direct feedback. The benefits to our customers and partners are obvious: the entire workforce can get to know key Hettich innovations first hand and try them out straight away – right on their very own doorstep.

    Dirk Beinke
  • A good idea can get a lot of things moving!

    A new roadshow concept started out as a service for fabricators and Hettich's specialist retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was under the "Closeness to customers despite distancing" banner that took us on tour across Europe with our new product highlights as early as May 2020. Our customers everywhere were blown away: from May 2020 to the end of that year alone, we managed to reach 2,000 customers and welcome over 3,000 visitors to the mobile show transporters. Meanwhile, the "Hettich on tour" project has catapulted across the whole continent. From May 2020 to December 2021, Hettich teams clocked up some 160,000 miles through almost 20 European countries and called on some 10,000 partners of ours!

    Closeness to customers
  • Our Hettich transporter vans: cutting a great figure both inside and out.

    We have deliberately gone for normal van transporters we've converted ourselves to suit our purposes. This gives us much more flexibility: a small footprint, an autonomous system from solar panels on the vehicle's roof, plus our own sales representatives driving them. During the winter break, we further optimised our vehicles: we can now present six new product releases on board. The entire interior has taken on a far more homely feel, almost like a miniature trade fair. We can also display supplementary information directly to customers via a large screen.

    Hettich's transporter vans
  • And what about "sustainability"?

    Naturally, we've given a thought to that as well: to conserve the hosts' energy resources, the tour transporters can manage without any connection to the power supply at every port of call: a solar panel system on the roof makes the vehicles self sufficient. At the moment, unfortunately, the European tour cannot be carried out entirely with electric vans. So, in terms of planning and scheduling, we make a conscious effort to use our vehicles as efficiently as possible. This means as few miles as possible for as many customer appointments as possible. Short transfers between the countries not only benefit our staff, but the environment too.


Fast paced product itinerary

AvanTech YOU: drawers just as you please

The versatile and adaptable AvanTech YOU drawer system from Hettich takes the effort out of customising design to meet any preference in colour, format and material. The platform principle means all components can be combined in any chosen way. This gives you a vast range of options for creating furniture with an individual look and for designing exclusive interiors. The slender drawer side profile itself comes in a thickness of only 13 mm and is entirely without any visible holes, apertures or cover caps. This lets you create purist, handleless furniture design both on the inside and out. The drawers can be configured in three colours and five heights with steel, aluminium or wooden rear panels. DesignProfiles and DesignCapes can be used to make all manner of statements that reflect personal style. And you can choose absolutely any material for the drawer side profile inlays. Take advantage of this creative flexibility, respond quickly and confidently to new design trends with AvanTech YOU and tap into new customer segments.

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AvanTech YOU Illumination:
Show your furniture in its best light

New feature, even more appeal and customer focus with the AvanTech YOU drawer platform: now you can even give your furniture its own signature lighting: clip on LED DesignProfiles or illuminated glass inlays create stunning effects and a touch of elegance. A practical rechargeable battery pack provides the necessary energy. The easy to install system requires no complicated electrical connection work, making it easy to fit at any later stage. – And the "wow" effect is guaranteed on opening the illuminated drawers.

Video AvanTech YOU illumination

Cadro: the aluminium frame system for endless furniture ideas

Open or closed, standalone or attached to one side, wall mounted or floor standing: the new Cadro frame system from Hettich now makes it so easy to customise any furniture you make. Aluminium profiles, connecting nodes and complementary accessories, that's all you need to create finely structured and highly practical furniture concepts – from creative designs in your own furniture collection to exclusive shop fittings and on trend kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture. Cadro is quickly assembled and distinguished by its precision finish. This is all based on aluminium profiles in matt black or stainless steel look, each designed for 16 mm shelves, 6 mm glass shelves as well as 4 mm glass shelves for display cabinets. Needless to say, Cadro can also be combined with other Hettich fittings and systems. Use the combination of drawers, sliding doors and hinged doorsto produce individually tailored solutions. In conjunction with the versatile AvanTech YOU drawer system, Cadro is ideal for realising extremely attractive, open plan furniture concepts that make it very easy to meet customer preferences in terms of colour, format and material. Or combine Cadro with Sensys for hinged doors or with SlideLine M or SlideLine 66 for inset and overlay sliding doors. Matching handles and knobs are also available. – Let's go!

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Actro 5D: precision that gets things moving

Long life, incredible stability and outstanding running performance are characteristic of the new Actro 5D generation from Hettich: our sturdy runner system for wooden drawers can easily cope with loads of up to 70 kg. This is the key to perfect reveal alignment even with large size wooden drawers. Pulled open, Actro 5D keeps drawers particularly level. Agreeable low opening forces as well as Actro 5D's smooth, quiet running action give every user an added feel of luxurious convenience. Optimised synchronous control makes it possible: safely protected by the runner profile, it ensures a smooth movement cycle between the profiles and minimises running noise.

We have consistently optimised the new Actro 5D to give you fast, straightforward installation and front panel adjustment: 5-way adjustment involves no tools and is completely intuitive. Thanks to flexible synchronisation adapters, Actro 5D also makes Push to open Silent work on asymmetrically shaped wooden drawers or on extremely wide front panels. By the way: Actro 5D's cabinet body drilling pattern is also compatible with our customisable AvanTech YOU drawer platform. This is just a small step on the way towards even more creative design options. This lets you secure a strong position in a wide range of different furniture segments while matching value for money to whatever your customers are looking for.

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TopLine L sliding door system: for large fronts with an added feel of luxury

Whisper quiet in the bedroom: the TopLine L sliding door system for large and heavy wardrobe doors provides particularly quiet and smooth running action. Because Silent System in opening and closing direction gently cushions the door elements, with very low forces making them easy to open. TopLine L's running performance remains unchanged even after a prolonged period out of use. Minimum door offset makes optimum use of storage space and lets doors open to a wide angle. This leaves everything in view and in instant, easy reach.

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SlideLine M sliding door system: new inspiration for kitchen design

The SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich is a system for many applications. Merging into the background, it doesn't interfere with the design of furniture and gives sliding door elements a look of elegance. In the single track version, the SlideLine M sliding door system makes the dramatic interplay between open and closed segments in furniture a design highlight in the kitchen. With the 2-track version, storage spaces can be closed off completely, instantly hiding away contents in the kitchen midway section or wall unit and restoring order.

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WingLine L folding sliding door system: for more room in the room

The WingLine L folding sliding door system with Push/Pull to move will even open ceiling height, handleless wardrobe doors almost by themselves in response to a light press – doing so too with an impressive panorama effect. Even an entire kitchen block can vanish from view behind the folding doors. The fitting can be provided with soft opening and closing. WingLine L leaves no margin of doubt either when it comes to customising interior design: under stairs and sloping ceilings, this folding sliding door system provides the answer to utilising previously wasted storage space with visual appeal. And wherever space comes at a premium, intrusive hinged doors can't be used anyway. This is where WingLine L offers a space saving solution with a high level of user convenience, such as in smaller type wall units or top mounted cabinets in the kitchen. Needless to say, with its minimal door protrusion, WingLine L also makes it possible to fit drawers and pull-outs behind the folding sliding door.

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Sensys: classy hinges in obsidian black

The Sensys side hung door hinge has been tried and proven in millions of applications. – But do you know its "dark sides"? – Because at the moment dark, classy surface finishes are right on trend. This is where the hinges should remain discreetly in the background: the Sensys hinge from Hettich in obsidian black unobtrusively blends into the design of furniture. This means the range provides a key to upgrading into the luxury segment and gives manufacturers new options for differentiating. Our Sensys family not only includes hinges and mounting plates for all common usage situations but also for unusual applications, such as for thin doors from 10 mm door thickness, for thick doors with narrow reveals as well as for doors with mitred edges on all sides.

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Veosys: copes with any weather

Fitted with our dedicated fittings, outdoor kitchens can cope with any weather whatsoever. Our Veosys hinge in sturdy stainless steel provides tested resistance to corrosion. The integrated Silent System is reliable both at low and high outdoor temperatures. And with its uniquely wide automatic closing angle of 35°, Veosys closes the door almost on its own. Incidentally: no adjustment work is necessary at the time of installation: doors both large and small always close gently and reliably.

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In a unique visual presentation, Hettich 3D Xperience World lets you discover home environments in a variety of interactive ways. Go on the guided tour or simply discover the apartments and exhibits on your own. Experience our theme-based apartments with all exhibits in action and showing exactly how they function in reality. You will also get useful additional information, such as fittings lists, CAD drawings, product videos or picture material.

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