For a place to feel more at home in

Home – the place that's most important to people. This is where you can relax, recover from the challenges of everyday routine and enjoy your leisure time.

With user friendly furniture, you can create veritable feel-good spaces. With furniture that provides ergonomic and practical benefits and exudes an atmosphere of peace and calm. Take pleasure in cabinet doors that open to a wide angle and close in virtual silence. Find delight in drawers that silently glide in and out. And come to appreciate storage space that's easy to reach.

All this can be done with Hettich. With fascinating technology for furniture. Because convenience, ergonomics and well being shouldn't be a luxury.

You know, living somewhere that make life easy and convenient is really cool. Has nothing to do with being stuffy. With my furniture, I made sure the working parts were good quality.

Kitchen comfort from Hettich. Great solutions for electrical appliances

Hettich offers comfortable solutions which make your daily life easier in simple ways – and give you a new kitchen experience.

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Liftsystem für Geschirrspüler: ComfortSwing

Liftsystem für Geschirrspüler: ComfortSwing

ComfortSwing ist das erste Liftsystem am Markt, welches den unteren Korb des Geschirrspülers auf die Höhe des oberen Korbs hebt. Das ist besonders komfortabel für den Nutzer und durch das integrierte Dämpfungssystem Silent System schonend für Geschirr und Gläser.

Magischer Komfort für grifflose Fronten: Push to open Silent

Griffloses Öffnen und gedämpftes Schließen in einem System. Noch nie war griffloses Möbeldesign so bedienerfreundlich:

Leichtes Öffnen durch sanften Druck auf die Front. Gedämpftes,sicheres Schließen aus dem Handgelenk. Entdecken Sie

das neue Push to open Silent. Perfektioniert in vielen Details. Einfach magisch.

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Simple, handleless and good: Easys electromechanical opening system for refrigerators

Easys is an electromechanical system providing opening assistance for refrigerators in handleless cabinet body. With Easys, you can consistently bring the purist handleless design of high quality kitchens to refrigerators. And easily and efficiently let your range of kitchens stand apart.

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The premium sliding door system for large format doors: TopLine XL

In the top running sliding door system, door elements of any size glide effortlessly and quietly. The fully concealed Silent provides additional convenience. The new Silent System generation ensures maximum user convenience from all imaginable Silent System functions: in closing and opening direction, 3 door in both directions and soft colliding.

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Versatile sliding door system for overlay doors:
TopLine L

Convenient, easy movement: TopLine L's impressive running action and Silent System performance are appreciated by furniture manufacturers and fabricators all over the world. The system's flexibility provides many options for adapting and upgrading cabinet systems. Giving you the cost effective answer to creating individualised solutions.

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Experiencing folding doors in a new way:
WingLine L

WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors in a completely new dimension of convenience. The revolutionary Push / Pull to move opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the cabinet with just one movement of the hand. An impressive panorama effect!

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The healthier, more efficient way to work: Lifting column system LegaDrive

Studies show: ergonomic work stations with sitting/standing function reduce or prevent back complaints and enhance performance. For top level solutions, there's the LegaDrive power assisted lifting column system. This makes height adjustable tables even more user friendly, variable and safer.

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Enjoy comfort.