The aluminium frame system for endlessly creative furniture ideas

Make your own ideas come true! Whether designing your own furniture collection in the cabinet-making trade, in an exclusive interior design retail outlet or in home furnishing – the demands on the design, use and functionality of furniture are growing all the time. The megatrend of individualisation is relentlessly driving this movement forward. Bringing out Cadro, Hettich is setting new standards in simplifying individually tailored furniture design.

Cadro: the aluminium frame system that lets you design almost anything!

  • The aluminium frame system in matt black or stainless steel look for all manner of furniture designs.
  • Perfectly upgradable and customisable with Hettich drawer systems, hinges or sliding systems.
  • Produce a wide variety of furniture designs quickly and easily with dedicated assembly aids
  • The aluminium profiles are designed for 16 mm shelves, 6 mm glass shelves or 4 mm glass shelves for display cabinets.


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  • Design

    I'd like to construct a shelf unit with an outer dimension of 600 mm. What size do I have to cut the profile to? Is there any formula?

    With a chosen total width of furniture at 600 mm, you need to work out the profile length as follows:

    600mmtotal furniture width
    - 2 x 18,5mm (= 37mm)   1 connecting node at each end of the profile
    = 463mmcut-to-size profile
  • Design

    Is it possible to connect other elements, such as a drawer, to the Cadro system? If there is, how and which one?

    Cadro can easily be combined with Hettich's AvanTech YOU drawer platform. The Cadro drawer profile was, in fact, developed for this type of connection: the Actro YOU drawer runner can be screw mounted to it with an AvanTech drawer fitted on top. If you want to fit a wooden drawer, you need to use the Actro YOU catch.

  • Product details

    Is there a pivot hinge for the glass door with soft closing or stay closed function too?

    No, the pivot hinge is currently only available in a simple version without soft closing. Either the Cadro glass door lock or a simple magnetic catch can be used to keep the door closed.

  • Product details

    Is there anything to help me fit Cadro?

    Yes, there's a special drilling jig to help you set and drill the holes in the Cadro profiles.

  • Product details

    To mount the panel, do I need to make a slot to fit it?

    Yes, you do. To mount the 9298847 panel, you need to make a slot. But you can get illustrations to do it.