Narrow reveal

Large surface furniture fronts in exclusive materials look particularly classy when they are broken up only by filigree, narrow reveals. The technical demands are high: only sufficiently strong and perfectly adjustable fittings guarantee absolutely uniform reveal alignment.

  • Actro 5D drawer runner

    Huge stability and load capacity are the marks of Actro 5D. Thanks to 5-way adjustment, reveals can be precision aligned to a tenth of a millimetre. Actro 5D is used in the AvanTech drawer system, but is also suitable for wooden drawers.

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  • Sensys 8631i designer hinge

    Thank to its particular kinematics, this designer hinge is suitable for door thicknesses of up to 32 mm. Particularly filigree results are possible on doors up to 22 mm thick: here, hairline reveals of only 0.7 mm can be produced and precision adjusted in three dimensions.

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  • Quadro 4D drawer runner

    Little effort – brilliant result: Quadro 4D's 4-way adjustment is intuitive to use and guarantees perfect reveal alignment. Integrated user friendly functions make this drawer runner a practical highlight.

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  • AvanTech with Actro 5D runner AvanTech with Actro 5D runner
  • Sensys 8631i Sensys 8631i
  • Quadro 4D Quadro 4D


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