Handleless furniture
with solutions from Hettich

Handleless furniture fronts are extremely popular – and can be produced with Hettich for a look of excellence. In the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere. With the mechanical opening function Push to open, or Push to open Silent combined with silent and soft closing, or Push to move for folding doors, or with the Easys electromechanical opening system: a gentle push on the furniture front is all it takes to open it.

Push to open Silent

  • For drawers and hinged doors.
  • Opening without handles, closing gently.
  • Quickly and easily installed.

Push to open

  • For drawers and hinged doors.
  • Create handleless furniture design in a simple way.
  • Integrated or installed quickly and easily.


  • For drawers, hinged doors, refrigerators and other applications.
  • Handleless design throughout.
  • Inspire with intelligent electronics.

Award winning products: pointing the way in form and function

Push to open Silent for hinged doors