Design to fall in love with

What is "attractive"? It's something that always lies in the eyes of the beholder. All the same, aesthetically appealing design is not left to chance. For impressive results, exacting design concepts can only be created with innovative, perfected technology: purist, handleless furniture design ... large-surface cabinet fronts with precision, hairline reveals ... high-performance working components hidden from view once they are installed.

Aesthetic form is a treat for the eye – and for the soul. Because beauty and design perfection create a sense of harmony and well being.
Feel it!

  • Handleless furniture design conveys a clean,
    light and airy look.

    A sensuous experience that only becomes perfect with convenient handling. Easy, reliable opening. Closing convenience.

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  • Endlessly handleless

    Opening perfection for several drawers behind one front panel - with Push to open multi synchronisation, through the cabinet body side. Not only no handles, but no reveals either.

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  • Design purity with a light and airy look

    Easys is the intelligent electromechanical system for perfect opening and closing performance across all drawer sizes. Collision protection for diagonally opposite furniture, easy interconnection of opening units and connection of external sensors for unusual front panel formats.

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  • Effortlessly handleless

    A light push is all it takes and Push to open Silent opens hinged doors with effortless ease and gently closes them again. Involving no cables, it can easily be added to all common cabinet constructions.

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  • Easys
    for refrigerators

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  • Coherent handleless design

    Providing plenty of power, Easys for refrigerators reliably opens the combination of appliance door and cabinet body door. With an installed height of only 22 mm, it's the slimmest system on the market

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  • Furniture ideas unfolding

    Top class flush fitted design. A push is all it takes, and WingLine L with Push to move opens the doors gently and quietly. For over 6 m² of wardrobe space

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Technical details in brief

Drawer systems and drawer runners

Push to open Silent for drawers

  • Clip into place opening system combined with Silent System
  • Drawer energy storage system assists slow closing cycle
  • Drawer can still be manually closed / pulled open
  • Reliable activation from optional synchronisation
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Drawer systems and drawer runners

Quadro full extension runners with Push to open and synchronisation

  • Reliable opening of handleless InnoTech Atira and wooden drawers
  • Runners with factory integrated Push to open mechanism
  • Clip in synchronisation bars provide a reliable opening function
  • Unique multi-synchronisation of two or more drawers behind one front panel
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Drawer systems and drawer runners

Easys electromechanical opening system for drawers

  • Intelligent opening system without any need of programming
  • Synchronisation of units and optional external sensors for reliable function of wide and heavy drawers
  • Collision guard protects drawers in kitchen corner situations
  • Drawers stay closed if the front is leant on for a time
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Push to open Silent for doors

  • Opens hinged doors with Silent System on a light press
  • For full and half overlay as well as inset doors as well as angled applications
  • Easy to install at any later time
  • Battery operated (4 x AA batteries included)
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Easys for refrigerators

  • Decent and elegant design with just 22 mm installation height
  • Stay open time can be infinitely varied between 4 and 8 seconds for maximum user convenience
  • The control system reliably prevents any unintentional opening
  • Push out rod is designed without a magnet and harbours no risk for fingers
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Folding door systems

WingLine L with Push to move

  • Push to move drives folding doors quietly and gently into the open position
  • Maximum door wing width 600 mm / height 2,400 mm / weight 25 kg
  • Maximum door wing weight 25 kg
  • Optional Guide profile on or underneath bottom panel
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