Ideas to transform your open Kitchen-Living Room into a single stunning masterpiece

In the past few years, Modern spaces have evolved to keep up with the rapidly transforming lifestyles of people. The latest trend in this transformation is an open plan kitchen with living room. The idea is to break free of the silos and create an opportunity to be in both rooms – kitchen and living room simultaneously. Also, since the onset of the global pandemic forced people indoors, cooking is no longer a gender role or chore; it has evolved into a social opportunity for family and friends to bond over.
Read on to find out 3 fabulous ways to get on board this chic trend.

1. Intricately functional Room Dividers

Intricately functional Room Dividers

Gone are the days when we had to suffice with simple screens as room separators. The Room Dividers can be an elaborate Book shelf which doubles up as a retractable table counter for the kitchen. This allows for optimum utility of a single piece of furniture for Living room and Kitchen. As the occasion demands, you can adjust the space and utility for the entire unit.

You can check out this amazing piece at Hettich Kitchen Design Ideas.

2. Dining counters as the centre piece for the space

This is the trend for those who love to host and cook in tandem reducing the preparation time for socialising and just having fun all the way. Dining Counters fit especially well with I and L Shaped Kitchens as the indispensable Kitchen elements such as Hob, Sink, Drawers for storage etc. are already in place and there is open space left for just this one elegant addition. Although wooden tables are considered timeless, addition of countertops made of quartz are quite in vogue. In addition to being robust and maintenance free, they add a unique personality to the centre piece of your open Kitchen-Living Space.

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Dining counters as the centre piece for the space

3. Island Kitchen for ideal balance of style and functionality

Island Kitchen for ideal balance of style and functionality

An extension to the previous idea, the Island Kitchen is a very versatile piece. It can be made extremely functional by integrating all the significant elements of a Kitchen in a single compact unit. As per your sensibilities and taste, you can integrate elements such as the Sink, Induction counter, multiple drawers for storage etc. in your Island Counter. A simple addition of classy bar stools or high chairs turns the countertop into a sophisticated dining area as well.

To anybody who says functional cannot be stylish, Island Kitchen Counter is the answer.