Get yourself a festival-ready Kitchen!

It is that time of the year again! The lights, the celebrations, reunions and unlimited food. It is the festive season. A time to bring families and friends together.

If you are going to be hosting frequently, it is always a good time to renovate your kitchen. It might not always be possible to reconstitute all the existing furniture. However, minor changes make a huge impact if done correctly.

Refresh your kitchen this year with ideas that require minimum adjustments and effort and do not burn a hole in your pocket because the festivals are going to do that anyway! 

Here are a few ideas to make your kitchen festive season ready:

Disciplined drawers

Renovating your entire kitchen drawer system might seem like a torture both execution wise and money wise.

Discipline your drawers by adding simple organization trays to the top layer of your drawer for neatly storing your cutlery, ladles, spatulas and even aluminium foil. It is a cakewalk for modular kitchens as most drawers are built as per standard sizes and hence the standard sized organization accessories are easy to find and fit too.

Creative corners

Often, no matter how well we plan our kitchens, certain corners are still left unplanned, fostering unwanted clutter. This is wastage in the sense that you cannot use the space efficiently because you cannot see the entire space properly and whatever space is visible is just used for random stacking.

However, if planned correctly, these corners under the sink, at the end of your countertop or in any other residual space in the kitchen can store a lot. You can use customizable pull-out racks to utilize this space to the fullest.

Customization at its best

Customization is an organized person’s best friend. Nobody quite understands your kitchen needs like you do. So why not create a set of customized racks and shelves which are accessible, blend in with your existing kitchen aesthetic and yet still look classy!

Customizable cube shelving system is your answer. Create a slew of kitchen racks with sliders, glass push ins or simple keep it open because these shelves are no less than any aesthetic accessory.

Look up!

Overhead cabinets are often home to unsupervised and uncontrolled clutter. This is primarily due to the fact that you can almost never see till the very back of the cabinet and hence stuff the fronts and back with whatever reaches the hand first.

With a little help from kitchen accessories that can move, you can access the back of the cabinet by pulling it out. This is no harry potter sorcery, it is a very real arrangement, simple to achieve and a complete life saver.


Often, there are random spaces in kitchens which serve no purpose but to house dust. No matter How about making it discreetly functional? This space between the shelves can be effectively used to create another compact vertical shelf which can house all your condiment jars, sauce bottles, Snacks or even wine bottles. How is it different compared to other shelves; well, it can house more levels in the same height as your standard shelves and hence provides more storage space! Another brownie point for a neatly organized and scrappily procured kitchen makeover.   

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