Contemporary design alternatives for new-age homes

Individuality is the freedom to choose – and a megatrend that is permanently changing expectations on life and home living. A strong self-image is seen as the driving force behind the development of new socio-cultural structures, life and living concepts.
In that context, recent times have seen a steady rise in the need for people to express themselves through an emphasis on customization in order to showcase their individuality. With innovative design concepts and the assurance of German quality from Hettich Furniture fittings, whatever can be conceptualized can easily be materialized. Here we explore some trends which take personalization to the next level.

Away from Convention

Neutrals are classic but metallics and bold colours are trendy and trending. Hettich presents the AvanTech You Drawer System stands testimony to cutting edge technology paving the way for original design concepts to shine through. The possibility of concealed working components and slimmest side panels put the entire focus on the design concept. Design the Drawer system to blend with the rest of your interiors or create a harmonious contrast using various colours and textures. This trend further extends to another important piece of furniture which is a landmark in every home; the wardrobe.

Wardrobe of your dreams

When it comes to Wardrobes, it’s all about colours and textures. Hettich offers a wide range of Sliding and folding fittings for creating floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with Topline XL K2 to the panoramic view WingLine L and everything in between. Gorgeous to behold and functional to the T, this versatile range of wardrobe fittings is complemented by a range of specialized Wardrobe Accessories such as Belt and Tie Pull out, Trouser Pull out etc. for housing all your belongings in a regimented fashion in a pre-determined space.

All that glitters is glass

Whether it is shattering ceilings or forcing pensive reflection, glass has always been a harbinger of change. The wide and versatile range of Hettich fittings for glass allows you to create furniture that stands apart. With Hettich Grant 400 Neo Sliding system, create magical 2 or 3 door cabinets with glass panels. Storage now looks aesthetically pleasing enough to showcase. For added effect, put your crockery in the spotlight, chosen from a wide variety of Furniture lights specially marketed by Hettich.

With Hettich fittings, you can design your kitchen to give all function zones which provide the practical convenience you've always wanted them to have.
For more such fascinating design concepts, visit our Design Gallery section on Hettich India.