The best of German technology for your furniture fittings

“I believe your atmosphere and your surroundings create a state of mind for you.” -Theophilus London

We spend a lot of time indoors, whether working or relaxing. It is imperative that our residential and commercial spaces are such that they put us in the right state of mind to get the job done. Our space is an extension of us. Indubitably, we don’t wish to decorate our personal space with items off the shelf. Every item in our space is handpicked and customized to match our style.

Hettich brings the best of German quality furniture fittings and door hardware that upgrade your space into an expression of you.

We, at Hettich, understand the megatrends, especially individualization. Today, you can personalize all aspects of your life. Customization and personalization allow you to add a special touch to the things around you and make them just the way you want.
Kitchen, living room, bedroom, office – our products elevate your space by giving it a personal touch. We have a wide range of solutions listed for you, they are, hinges, drawer systems, drawer runners, sliding and folding door systems and more.
We understand that you love keeping up with the trends and decorating your spaces with the latest trends. Thus, we have a dedicated section in our product catalogue to highlight all our new launches to help you discover them as soon as they are launched.


We are proud of our German heritage, something that is synonymous with innovation and quality. Our rich 134-year-old legacy has armed us to design products that are innovative with uncompromising quality. Every product manufactured at Hettich is backed up by tons of research, modern technology and uncompromising quality checks.
Our sincere efforts to make the best for you and your unwavering trust in Hettich have garnered a lot of goodwill for the brand over the years. Hettich, as a brand and our products have also been recognized by national and international forums for our work. These include ‘Best Brands 2022’ by the Economic Times, ‘Most Trusted Brands of India 2023’ by Marksmen Daily, iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Awards, Interzum Award, German Design Award, etc.


Our lives are constantly evolving and we need a brand that is flexible and understands this. All that you need to keep up with such an ever-changing lifestyle is available with us – It’s all in Hettich.


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