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Hettich subsidiary in China hit by cyber attack

A chinese production site of the Hettich Group has involuntarily been the victim of a cyber attack. As yet unknown attackers have hacked the internal networks and deposited malware there.

Hettich Logo. Grafik: Hettich

The Hettich Group's IT specialists, with the support of external experts, are working around the clock to successfully defend against the attack and supplement the systems' security measures. It is not yet possible to say when the Chinese subsidiary will be able to fully access all IT systems again.

Local production in China is continuing. As far as we know at present, other companies in the Hettich Group are not affected. From today's point of view, the ability to deliver to our customers outside China is not limited.

Hettich's top priority is to protect all sensitive data. As a result of the incident, Hettich will take further technical and organisational measures to further minimise security risks.