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The refrigerator as a design object

Easys for handleless refrigerator opening

Handleless fronts give purist looking kitchens a particularly sharp edge. The Easys electromechanical opening system from Hettich neatly incorporates refrigerators into handleless kitchen design. Besides its space saving installed height, the system impresses in particular with user friendly functions.

Easys from Hettich is suitable for appliances with door on door slider as well as for doors fixed in place to the unit front. With a shallow installed height of only 22 mm, the function unit can be integrated into existing recesses. Photo: Hettich

Intelligent functionality – working parts hidden from view
Easys assisted opening is so powerful that it easily overcomes a refrigerator's magnetic door seal, opening the door in response to a light press on the front. The refrigerator door then opens ajar for a few seconds, leaving it to be pulled open all the way by hand. Making the system particularly user friendly, the time the door is left ajar for can be varied to suit any delay in opening it.

Finger protection – not only for children's hands
An intelligent control system prevents the refrigerator from being opened unintentionally. The door is not pulled closed by a separate magnet either, reducing the risk of trapping fingers.

Configured for universal use – slim line design
At only 22 mm, Easys has the lowest installed height on the market. Easys can also be integrated within usual hole line dimensions without any process alterations. The function unit can be used for any cabinet body material thickness and door opening direction. It is normally installed above the appliance and concealed with a loose shelf. A designer profile discreetly integrates Easys into the kitchen's design.