Aluminium Profile

Light weight and multi-purpose; Hettich Aluminium Profiles are extremely versatile furniture fitting elements. Depending upon the purpose, one can use them in Kitchen, Living Room, Bed Room etc. to create elements that enhance the appearance of one’s Furniture.

  • Aluminium Profile Shutter

    Aluminium profile shutters are essentially shutters enclosed in an Aluminium Profile casing. This arrangement can be created primarily for glass and mirror but can also be used for any wood-based shutter as well. You can create infinite elegant designs with the four different finishes which can be used to match practically any colour, finish or texture for the insert material.

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    Aluminium Profile ShutterAluminium Profile Shutter
  • Handles

    Generally used along with Aluminium Profile Shutters only, these act as perfectly matching Handles for Profile Shutters and helps create a seamless finish. These are particularly light weight and create designs with clear lines and clean finish.

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    Handles Handles Handles
  • Handleless Drawer System

    Aluminium Profiles can also be used to create handleless drawers for drawer systems. This arrangement does not require electrical intervention. It also significantly reduces installation time and is relatively less labour intensive making it completely hassle-free.

    Handleless Drawer System
  • Aluminium Profile Shutter Aluminium Profile Shutter
  • Handles Handles
  • Handleless Drawer System Handleless Drawer System