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Hettich has partnered with Blaupunkt, the eminent German Kitchen Appliances expert to bring contemporary, user friendly & suave built-in appliances to power Indian kitchens. Whether in look or in function, Blaupunkt appliances harmonize and communicate with each other, creating unique appliance concepts.

Flame heat or ice cold, a fresh wind and clear water: Blaupunkt appliances are at home in all the elements and even know how to combine them together. Perfectly integrated and harmonized appliances bring the kitchen to life. This makes the journey through the worlds of Blaupunkt especially enjoyable.

  • HEAT

    From zero to one hundred in only a few seconds or a stable feel-good temperature for every ingredient: Blaupunkt promises heat at all levels.

    Not all heat is alike. Sometimes the temperature
    has to rise rapidly – only brief heating for perfect searing. Other things need time – uniform heat for gentle cooking and baking. In every case, Blaupunkt appliances always promise perfect results to make your mouth water.

    Experience Ovens, Microwaves, Hobs, Warming Drawers and Steam Cookers.

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  • AIR

    A powerful whirl or a light draught, extracted upwards or downwards – with Blaupunkt, nothing but fresh air remains in the room.

    Seared crispy or gently steamed: each meal preparation leaves traces behind in the room. Blaupunkt Extractor Fan Hoods provide fresh air after each cooking experience – with Multi-Control even intuitively.

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    Rushing stream or still water: Blaupunkt Dishwashers make washing up a pleasure.

    First the pleasure, then the work? Blaupunkt Dishwashers take over the work for you so you can keep having fun when the feast is over. Different installation heights and a wide, variable storage space: the Blaupunkt range has the right helper for every space need.

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  • COLD

    Ice-cold or a fresh feel-good temperature: cooling appliances from Blaupunkt are multi-talents.

    The various cooling zones in Blaupunkt Refrigerators and Freezers create the right temperature for all chilled items. Perfectly kept food retains its freshness for a long time thanks to diff erent temperature zones and electronic control.

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  • Power your Kitchen!

    Power your Kitchen!



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