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Product knowledge and service tools whatever the time and place: the latest Furniture Fittings & Applications catalogue from Hettich is directly linked with practical online services – needless to say, from mobile devices too.

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Kathrin Schneider and Sven Müller, Hettich Marketing

Hettich makes you more successful – and does so all very easily...

We share our ideas with you and can offer you our products and services exactly where you need them – needless to say, on a mobile device too. This is why we have linked the new Furniture Fittings and Applications catalogue with our new eServices. This will give you optimum support at all times – whether in advising customers and finding ideas, in planning and procuring materials or in realising furniture and marketing. You will quickly recognise the advantages and benefit from our unbeatable duo.

Quickly from the catalogue to Hettich eServices on the web: Simply scan the QR codes from our printed catalogue with your smartphone or tablet. This will take you directly to the appropriate eServices on Here you will find all the information you need. Or you can enter the short URL from the catalogue in your browser to open the online tool you want. In our Online-flip page catalogue the different eServices are directly linked for you.

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