Onsys Magma Black Hinge: Discreetly Elegant

Designed to blend seamlessly with dark wood furniture, Onsys Magma Black elevates the aesthetic and functional appeal of residential interiors, offering a premium magical interior experience.
Dark-themed furniture remains a timeless choice for interior decorators and homeowners alike, thanks to its ability to impart a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere. Recognising this enduring trend, Hettich has tailored the Onsys Magma Black to meet the aesthetic demands of dark furniture pieces without compromising functionality.


  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience whisper-quiet operation with an Integrated Silent System.
  • Wide Accessibility: Enjoy convenient accessibility with a wide 105° opening angle.
  • Sleek Finish: Elevate your furniture's aesthetics with a sleek Black Nickel plated finish.
  • Technical Excellence and Versatility

    The Onsys Magma Black range features hinges and mounting plates for all common mounting situations and also for unique applications, such as for thin doors from 10 mm door thickness, thick doors with narrow reveals, and doors with mitred edges all round.

    Technical Details

    • Concealed Hinge: Clip-on installation with integrated Silent System.
    • Opening angle: 105°
    • Quality classification: EN 15570, Level 2
    • Door thickness: 14 - 25 mm
    • Cup diameter: 35 mm
    • Cup depth: 11.5 mm
    • Overlay adjustment: +2 mm / -2 mm
    • Depth adjustment: +2.5 mm / -1.5 mm
    • Height adjustment: At mounting plate
    • Finish: Black nickel plated


    • Kitchen Units: Ideal for overhead and under-counter units.
    • Wardrobes: Perfect for full-size hinge shutter wardrobes.
    • Furniture: Suitable for any other furniture with hinge doors.

    Quality Assurance

    • Durability: 40,000 open/close cycles (EN 15570 Level 2)
    • Corrosion Resistance: 48 hours neutral salt spray (NSS) Test.
    • Condensation Resistance: 96 hours test (DIN EN ISO 6270-2)
    • Warranty: 10 years performance and 3 years anti-rust warranty*.
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