Hettich furniture fittings and accessories in the retail trade?

That too! Our Do‐it‐Yourself business unit takes care of selling our products direct.

No matter whether you make your own furniture. Or need replacement parts for a cabinet or are planning to buy furniture – Hettich Services make it all so easy for you.

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Our Do‐it‐Yourself business unit takes care of selling our products direct. Especially in DIY stores and at specialist retailers.

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I am a consumer and looking for a replacement for a Hettich furniture fitting, where can I find help?

Please always contact the vendor of your furniture direct first as there may be warranty cover, or the vendor will provide a replacement on a goodwill basis. If this is not an option, please send 3 to 4 informative photos (mounting situation, overall view of the fitting, detailed views) and a brief description of the fitting to Hettich Customer Service.

Email contact: customer_services(at)in.hettich.com  More FAQs on our website

Intelligent kitchen – Your kitchen can do more!

Tired of long walking distances, chaos in cupboards and impractical cabinetry in your kitchen? We have the answer: Intelligent Kitchens!
Our "Intelligent Kitchens" guide shows what good kitchen planning can look like and what you should bear in mind.

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In these uncertain times, our working has also evolved
and work-from-home has become the ‘New Normal’.

Home Office Furniture Ideas

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