Cool convenience in the cold: the Quadro Compact runner system

Practical convenience familiar from home furniture – now also in refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets: Quadro runners make them a pleasure to use the moment you open them. Our philosophy at Hettich: a luxuriously high level of convenience from furniture to electrical appliances.


Experience a wide range of applications: in various refrigerator compartments, in vacuum or warming drawers or wine coolers

Quality and convenience cast in one

Move lightweights and heavyweights with effortless ease and equip the entire appliance with a range of drawer runners with the Quadro Compact product family.

Differentiation for your appliance categories

Easily differentiate with user friendly functions such as such as Silent System, Stay Close or Parallel System. They also stand out in metal colours, white or black.

  • Applied to wide: Quadro Compact with Parallel System

    Large refrigerators with wide drawers? Not a problem for Hettich! Developed specifically for this application, the Parallel System. In combination with Quadro Compact FE 60 or Quadro Compact HD, it impresses with synchronous and luxuriously smooth running stability.

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  • Catch & Cut: with the Quadro Compact front connection catch

    Minor feature, major benefit: the smart front connection catch lets you remove the crisper drawer in next to no time. This makes a good many kitchen jobs less complicated: pull the drawer out, stand it on the worktop and start cutting vegetables!

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  • More useable space, more convenience: Quadro Compact 2 in a line

    This refrigerator drawer moves outside the box! Previously hard to reach, optimum use is now made of the space below the pull-out carriage – thanks to Quadro Compact 2 in a line. On opening the drawer, the additional rear box moves up, making contents easy to take out.

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  • Because good wine needs to rest: Quadro Compact for wine coolers

    Because good wine needs to rest: Quadro Compact for wine coolers

The keys to storing wines are constant temperature and plenty of rest for them to mellow. The perfect team: refrigerated wine cabinets with Quadro Compact FE 20 runners. Benefiting from hybrid ball bearings and Silent System, the runners are extremely low on vibration and run in virtual silence for added aesthetic appeal. The high end system for the ultimate in wine enjoyment. Available in classy metallic finish or elegant black.

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Ann-Christin Deutsch