For the first time in history, more people live in the city than in the countryside. Megacities continue to grow, new ones are added. Everything is condensing: knowledge, culture, economy, forms of living and creativity. At the same time, conurbations are becoming a melting pot of new forms of community life and technological progress.

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Great way to live in minute spaces

Living in 18 m². For some a life concept, for others a necessary decision because housing in towns and cities is scarce and expensive. With the "Tiny Space”, Hettich picks up on the latest trend towards living in a minute urban home and demonstrates how great it can be to live in a compact space.

As the megatrend towards urbanisation continues, tiny spaces are becoming established the world over as a concept for living in conurbations. More and more people are wanting to live in the urban environment, looking for affordable housing as the number of people living on their own significantly rises. Tiny spaces are much more than an alternative because a small living space doesn't equate to less quality of life. The exact opposite is true. The less space available, the more intelligent the solutions must be for designing and using it. And this doesn't mean any need to forgo good design either. Using the example of a fully furnished single person apartment on a floor space of just 18 m², Hettich shows how lovely a tiny space can be as a home and demonstrates all of the surprises it literally holds in every corner.