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Doors and drawers, whether in furniture or electrical appliances, basically do a simple job. But they should do it perfectly: they should be easy to open and close and permit unobstructed access to everything inside them. Sliding doors are the ideal solution for generous storage space in the bedroom, living room and kitchen area: they let you see where everything is and provide full access. And when the doors are open, they never intrude into the room which means they take up less space.

What makes us so special? We take an all embracing approach to convenience! From furniture to electric appliance.  In electric appliances too, charming, innovative product solutions provide convenient, generous access, perfect running and closing action and a good view of everything inside

  • TopLine XL TopLine XL
  • WingLine L WingLine L
  • ArciTech & InnoTech Atira ArciTech & InnoTech Atira
  • ComfortSwing ComfortSwing
  • Quadro Compact Quadro Compact
  • ComfortSpin ComfortSpin
  • TopLine XL sliding door system

    For exciting panorama effects: a single movement of the hand, and the cabinet doors quietly glide apart in a synchronous, softly cushioned movement. The middle cabinet segment is in full view and easily accessible.

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    TopLine XL
  • WingLine L folding door system

    As if by magic, the handleless folding door opens in response to a gentle push. No profile on the worktop to spoil the look. leaving kitchen appliances easy to pull forward. WingLine L with Push to move unfolds furniture ideas.

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    WingLine L
  • ArciTech / InnoTech Atira for tall units

    Planning perfect storage space, direct ergonomic access and a wealth of design options. Provide your tall units with our drawer systems, such as ArciTech and InnoTech Atira, to suit any specific need. Perfectly geared to your needs.

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    ArciTech & InnoTech Atira
  • ComfortSwing

    A talented mover in every respect: ComfortSwing is the first fitting system that moves the bottom dishwasher rack to a level that makes ergonomic sense! The rack is easy to load and empty without having to bend down. Operation is convenient too: in the raised position, the rack automatically locks into place. A simple hand movement unlocks it with effortless ease.

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  • Quadro Compact for domestic appliances

    A crisper drawer in the refrigerator, a pull-out shelf in the wine cooler, a warming drawer – everything scores with easily accessible contents, excellent running performance and quiet closing action. Behind all this: our Quadro Compact pull-out system.

    Innovative product concepts that open two crisper drawers simultaneously? Not a problem for Hettich's Quadro Compact Synchro Access! Because we have fitting convenience firmly in focus.

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    Quadro Compact
  • ComfortSpin for refrigerators

    Back to front, front to back. Not only can the rotating ComfortSpin shelf be turned through 360°, its perfected technology also moves it part of the way out of the refrigerator when it is rotated: for fast, easy access even to food that is stored right at the back.

    Enjoy the convenience and movement that ComfortSpin offers. Anyone turning once will always want to turn!



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