/ P79-2019 [Adjustment systems]

Desks à la carte

Modular system from Hettich for flexible office landscapes

The benefits of height adjustable desks have now reached all executive floors: less back pain, fewer sick days, higher productivity and satisfied staff. The demand is growing. This is why Hettich has now added an Eco version to its LegaDrive Systems modular package as the gateway to producing electrically adjustable desks.

Gateway to more office ergonomics with the new LegaDrive Eco version: sitting/standing workstations with the single telescoping, electrically driven lifting column system. Photo: Hettich

In times marked by a shortage of skilled staff and young new recruits, furnishing offices in line with needs is becoming increasingly important and sends a clear message of appreciation to the workforce. An office planned with LegaDrive Systems from Hettich maximises ergonomics and provides discerning, consistent design. The drive technology is completely integrated into the lifting column and eliminates the need for visible cross members at leg level.

This places the focus on design and material. The basic element of the modular system is the double telescoping, electrically operated lifting column that comes with a generous lifting range of 675 mm with a lifting capacity of 120 kg per desk. Power assisted height adjustment of the desk support frame ranges from 620 to 1295 mm. This also offers the capability of creating angled solutions and constructing conference tables with up to 12 lifting columns. LegaDrive Systems is also the ideal solution for tailoring workplaces to suit the different seating needs of people working in a team. A bench solution, in which two desks are securely connected together by means of a full width foot extension, allows you to adjust the height of each workstation to any chosen level. For non adjustable desks in a standard height of 740 mm, the modular LegaDrive system also features a fixed column that can be adjusted to compensate for minor floor unevenness and ensure firm standing. Huge benefits are also provided by the ability to adjust the desk for an ergonomic working posture in seated activities. The manually adjustable column has a generous range of 140 mm for adjusting height to accommodate seated persons of any stature.

New Eco version with 500 mm of electrical height adjustment
The new Eco option can be used for configuring single telescoping desks with a lifting range of 500 mm and load capacity of 100 kg. As such, Hettich is extending its tried and proven LegaDrive range - which features high quality system components throughout - by an entry level version on the same design platform. This makes it possible to design a wide range of configurations in a consistent office furnishing look. The Eco version gives users even more options along with the additional benefit of assembly with fewer components which has even been slightly simplified.