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Hettich gets most sustainable supplier accolade

No. 1 in the "Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023"

Polish manufacturer Nowy Styl (www.nowystyl.com) is one of the big names in Europe's office furniture industry. Presenting its "Supplier Sustainability Award", Nowy Styl acknowledges its suppliers' dedication to developing and fostering their own CSR initiatives that help to protect the environment and do good in society. This year, Hettich cut a particularly convincing figure in this genre, coming out as winner of the "Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023".

Hettich is winner of the "Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023".

In the office furniture industry, sustainability is increasingly becoming a key factor, particularly when it comes to calls for public tender. Offering the "Supplier Sustainability Award", the company wants to get its suppliers actively involved in this process, explains Klaudia Pieczka, ESG Procurement Manager at Nowy Styl: "We want our activities and the work we do with our suppliers to culminate in the best possible solutions for our customers, and do so with full respect for the environment and mankind."

In its 2021 competition, Nowy Styl was still placing a focus on environmental and social aspects in general; this year, given the upcoming ESG (environmental, social and governance) challenges, the company had raised the bar once more for its "Supplier Sustainability Award 2023".

Nowy Styl's jury justified 1st place for Hettich as follows: "Their work has demonstrated Hettich's role as a proactive company that works with immense consideration and care towards protecting the environment and helping those vulnerable within its own company. It fills us with pride to work with a company with such awareness of environmental and societal needs! Deserving particular recognition, notable parts of your presentation include: tremendous endeavours to mitigate the effects of climate change, inspirational initiatives on the subject of "people and culture", measures implemented with outstanding competence to promote diversity at the workplace."

Karlheinz Deutsch, Key Account Manager at Hettich: "We are delighted to receive this amazing accolade on behalf of all our colleagues who, every day, show active dedication at Hettich to protecting the environment, ensuring well-being among the workforce and mitigating worries in society as a whole. The 'Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023' is an incentive for us to continue working on these aspects with resolute determination." www.hettich.com