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Innovative opening function

Push to open Silent for ArciTech drawers

Engineered by Hettich, ArciTech and the new Push to open Silent function culminate in a system drawer that combines a mechanical Push to open mechanism with the convenience and luxurious feel of Silent System. In particular, the system impresses with narrow gaps between drawer fronts and optimum adjustment for various applications. The result: classy handleless design and high user convenience from using standard ArciTech drawer elements for cost-effective production.

ArciTech with the innovative Push to open Silent opening function. Photo: Hettich

Push to open Silent – convenient opening function
Working on an all-mechanical basis, Push to open Silent manages to do what has previously only been possible with electromechanical systems: It brings together handleless design with a high level of drawer opening and closing convenience. The Push to open Silent mechanism is triggered simply by pressing the drawer front. Automatic opening saves time and makes drawers easy to use, particular when both hands are full - without ruling out the option of opening the drawer directly by the front panel. Closing the drawer automatically reloads the Push to open mechanism before the drawer glides home in a gently softened movement. Benefiting from cleverly devised setting capabilities, Push to open Silent perfectly adjusts to different drawer sizes and weights. Adjustable release sensitivity and opening force provide a high level of convenience throughout. The integrated depth adjustment facility permits perfect front panel alignment with narrow gap between drawer fronts. Push to open Silent makes it easy to create handleless kitchens and furniture because drawers, runners, carcases and front panels can be used without having to alter them. The mechanism simply fits under the drawer base, scoring in particular where there’s no room for an electromechanical system behind the drawer.

ArciTech drawer system – Made for the future
An ArciTech drawer is distinguished by its unequalled running action and exceptional stability. The Actro runner's prism principle gives it impressively smooth, even running performance. Catering to loading categories of 40, 60 and 80 kg, ArciTech can cope with any demand. The broad product line-up based on a single platform features a drawer side profile in champagne colour in addition to silver, white, anthracite and stainless steel. ArciTech is available in two drawer side profile and six rear panel heights. For the high-end segment, the range comes with the option of a 126 mm drawer side profile height with Design Side in glass or TopSide in perfectly matching steel and rear panel height of 250 mm.