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Push to open opening system for purist furniture design

Intuitive user convenience

Whether in the kitchen, living-room, bathroom or office: the trend towards purist furniture design is unbroken. The Easys electromechanical opening system provides opening systems for all parts of the home.

A gentle push at any point on the front panel is all it takes and the drawer glides open all by itself. Photo: Hettich

The trendsetting innovation behind the Easys electromechanical opening system from Hettich stems from the philosophy that technical progress has the sole purpose of serving human beings. It opens up new perspectives in meeting the needs and desire for aesthetic, feel-good and contemporary design in the kitchen, living-room and work environment. Because with Easys, drawers open almost by themselves. A light press of the hand, hip or knee anywhere on the front and the drawer immediately glides open evenly and gently. On opening, the drawer can be stopped in any position. Shutting the drawer is equally as luxurious with Silent System for quiet closure.


Easys demonstrates its practical component particularly well in the kitchen: if hands are wet, dirty or happen to be full, a mere nudge on the drawer front, from the hip for instance, is all it takes for the drawer to open swiftly under perfect control. As Easys can be combined with the InnoTech and ArciTech drawer system as well

as with wooden drawers, it opens up a diverse range of options. In the office, the ability to individualise the workplace continues to gain importance from the aspect of motivation and performance.


Special programming prevents unintentional opening. Drawers stay closed if they are leant on for a time. A collision protection rules out damage to front panels in corner situations: if the pull-out is opened in a unit, a cable available for optional installation deactivates all of the pull-outs in the unit threatened by a risk of collision. Blockage of the second unit is only removed once the pull-out is completely closed again. Even if pull-outs equipped with Easys are positioned next to pull-outs without electromechanical opening function, the system deactivates if an adjacent unit is open.

The drawers can be opened manually at any time, e.g. in the event of a power cut. The system restarts itself by automatically returning to the home position.

Presenting no hazard whatsoever, the system works on 24 V safety extra-low voltage and is not physically connected to the drawer or runner. The use of a switchable power socket makes Easys convenient to switch off and back on again. This function is extremely practical for cleaning fronts and for saving electricity.