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Hettich fittings for top running sliding doors create elegant frontage solutions. In the bedroom and living room, sliding doors make the most of storage space. Unobstructed access, doors do not intrude into the room when they are open. Moving easily and quietly, doors close gently with Silent System.

  • InLine - sliding can be as captivating as this.

    The first sliding door system to do away with handles completely. For the last word in design flexibility. InLine lets you create flush fitting unit fronts with the luxurious feel of premium convenience quality: opening in response to a gentle pull on the door's leading edge. Unbridled flexibility in the use of handles too – you can position them wherever you prefer. Exquisitely smooth running action. Silent System adjusts to suit any preference. Flush opening doors. And design that's overwhelming too: no offset to spoil the look, no visible reveals.

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  • TopLine - the new dimension in convenience with a feel of luxury

    TopLine top running sliding door systems let you create sliding doors in a new dimension: luxurious opening and closing and first class Silent System performance. And all this for an incredible breadth of applications and furniture ranges: user friendliness as a fascinatingly new experience with a feel of luxury.

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  • SysLine S - elegant and practical

    The new SysLine S quite literally keeps the upper hand. Appearing to float, the doors can be moved with effortless ease. Optional Silent System brings perfection to running action that's already luxuriously smooth. And to top it all, the high quality system stays hidden out of view. The runner profiles in the top panel provide an exquisite look and unobstructed access. Optional Silent System is fully integrated. The result: good design, optimum functionality and impressive convenience.

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  • InLine InLine
  • TopLine TopLine
  • SysLine S SysLine S

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SysLine S

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Innovative fittings that move furniture fronts smoothly and quietly. And because Hettich technology for furniture works so gently and quietly, you rarely notice it is there. That's the biggest compliment technology can ever be paid.