For design savvy and practical office and high use furniture

Selekta is the ideal hinge for office and other stand alone, easily portable furniture, whether unique or for complete furniture lines. The comprehensive range of Selekta hinges makes it a versatile option for different designs.

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    Selekta Pro 2000 from Hettich is the leading selection internationally for office furniture. The single pivot hinge version in zinc die-cast provides quality and stability. And ultra slim design, ease of installation and an opening angle of up to 270° for unobstructed access are features that speak for themselves.

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    The preferred choiceThe preferred choiceThe preferred choiceThe preferred choiceThe preferred choiceThe preferred choice
Hettich Technical Assistant

Hettich Technical Assistant

The Hettich Technical Assistant assists you in assembling and adjusting the Hettich products and includes further small processing tools.

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Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD assists you in planning and designing furniture as well as in positioning fittings.

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