Technology taken a step further by Hettich.

Sliding door system with added value from Hettich. A single movement of the hand synchronously opens and closes two doors in opposite directions. A valuable addition for furniture solutions that impress in design and handling. This reliable system can be used for inset and overlay doors that move either vertically or horizontally.

Vertico fittings move more.

  • One movement and two doors open: VerticoSynchro

    The VerticoSynchro 1-track sliding door system simultaneously moves two doors weighing up to 15 kg each. The doors run in an inset or overlay aluminium profile. The synchronising mechanism is premounted in this profile.

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  • Single door but variable look: VerticoMono

    The VerticoMono vertical sliding door system adds creative and practical highlights to the kitchen and everywhere else in the home. Weighing no more than 15 kg, the door runs in an inset aluminium profile. The working components come premounted and are concealed by an aluminium or wooden profile. Easy and convenient handling makes this fitting ideal for entertainment furniture, for practical storage space in the office ... in fact wherever you want convenience to make itself felt.

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  • Ingenious idea: KA 5740

    Mounted on the KA 5740 retractable door fitting, the doors can slide back into the sides of the cabinet body when they are opened. Perfect, for example, for TV and multimedia furniture or for a cocktail cabinet that opens up in a jiffy and disappears again just as quickly. The fitting's mechanism also vanishes from view: simply by using face frame hinges. Hettich retractable door fitting KA 5740 is suitable for door widths of 300 to 700 mm. All options with roll-out prevention.

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  • VerticoSynchro VerticoSynchro
  • VerticoMono VerticoMono
  • KA 5740 KA 5740

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Innovative fittings that move furniture fronts smoothly and quietly. And because Hettich technology for furniture works so gently and quietly, you rarely notice it is there. That's the biggest compliment technology can ever be paid.