Built into furniture of all kinds, Hettich products are usually invisible. But they are no less essential for that.

Whenever a cabinet door opens, a drawer is pulled out or whenever furniture elements move in any other way, Hettich is usually behind the movement. Hettich fittings provide convenient and reliable operation in millions of furniture applications. In offices. In hospitals and hotels. In shops. In kitchens.

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  • Living room

    Living room

    Sculptural home aesthetics!

    Dark materials and innovative design make a designer object of the furniture itself. Find out more

    How about a design cocktail? Bar in material mix

    The modern combination of glass and wood makes this top-quality furniture an absolute trendsetter in the living room. Find out more


  • Kitchen


    Sliding vertically!

    Vertically sliding fronts in the wall unit and in the niche create an absolute eye-catcher. Find out more.

    Kitchen island

    Handleless design and an incredible variety of differentiation options give the kitchen island permit a perfectly balanced look. Find out more.

  • Bedroom


    Room to dream!

    The new generation of sliding doors provides convenience across the board - from installing them to putting away clothes. Find out more.

    Great prospects!

    Fast access to everything inside the wardrobe. Find out more.

  • Bathroom


    Reflecting good ideas!

    Personally chosen positioning not only makes the mirror a visual highlight in the bathroom but a practical one too. Find out more.

    Hide and seek in the bathroom!

    The user friendly and perfectly organised bathroom cabinet - for a relaxed start to the day. Find out more.

  • Working


    Working bliss!

    A change of perspective while working: sitting, standing, lying down, the main thing is comfort. Find out more.

    Multitalents in demand!

    The change between retreat, open office and teamwork sets new demands on office furniture. Find out more.

    Easy going!

    The locker unit in the office provides personal storage and a homely ambience. Find out more.

  • Hallway


    The staircase as storage space miracle

    Efficient use of the "dead" space under the stairs for storage. Particularly in small apartments/houses, the space under the stairs provides additional storage space. Find out more

  • Utility room

    Utility room

    Intelligent utility room

    Organisation is fun here, thanks to various storage solutions, even objects that are otherwise not attractive can find their place. Find out more.

  • Child's bedroom

    Child's bedroom

    Modular storage towert

    With its modular concept, this storage tower can be extended whenever more storage space is needed. Depending on requirements, there's the option of simply fitting different pull-outs.

    Cabinet with extra storage space

    The multifunctional cabinet in the child's bedroom stores everything from clothes to toys.

    Cabinet with changing table

    Practical changing table that can disappear into the cabinet in no time at all.