More storage space – more free space!

Living space is becoming increasingly precious. More and more people are seeking ways of managing with less living space.
The challenge: making the most efficient use of any room without cluttering it. And freeing up new space in the bargain.
Intelligent and inspiring storage space concepts from Hettich enable you to do this. Whether small or large rooms: Hettich fitting solutions let you create and utilise every last inch of storage space. For storing household items hidden from view yet in easy reach. Giving your rooms clever structure and
easily keeping everything in its place. The result is a new style of home living: space conscious, structured, uncluttered.

My new home may be at lot smaller, but that does't bother me. In fact, I'm not short of space at all ... with all the fantastic storage solutions! There's a place for all of the important things and they're always in easy reach.

For planning perfect storage space: InnoTech Atira & ArciTech

Provide your tall units with our drawer systems, such as InnoTech Atira and ArciTech, to suit any specific need. A clever and attractively priced alternative to the larder unit that not only provides direct access to provisions and optimises the use of storage space but also gives you a wide range of options for adding a touch of individuality.

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Experiencing folding doors in a new way:
WingLine L

WingLine L competently and securely moves door wings weighing up to 25 kg and measuring up to 2,400 mm in height: a talented all rounder for the bedroom, kitchen and office. Optimum use of space: minimal door protrusion, with doors reliably held in place while open.


Panoramic convenience: access to 6m of cabinet content, leaving everything in perfect view.

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Inset SlideLine M in the midway section

Inset SlideLine M also provides the option of using the midway section as closed storage space. Because thanks to sliding doors, electrical equipment and other items can be put away after use so that your home is always spick and span.

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The whole world of office organisation:
Systema Top 2000

Whether traditional, mobile or dividing up space – our modular system provides the base for design flexibility that knows hardly any limits. Systema Top 2000 stands for a practical, paper-based interior organisation. ergonomically perfect, well-structured use of the storage space is assured at all times.

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Space efficiency in high rise form:
Big Org@Tower Wood

The Big Org@Tower Wood is the homely alternative to its "colleague" made of steel – with equally effective functions for intelligent office organisation. Catering exactly to your needs, there are two concealed drawer runners to choose from with different loading capacities: Quadro Compact or Quadro Big Duplex.

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