/ 01-2019 [Company]

Hettich also promotes volunteer work in 2018!

128 projects were supported in 2018

In 2018, the Hettich Group promoted 64,000 euros in projects for which the employees volunteer. This action will continue in 2019 worldwide.

Simone Ploog is committed to the hospice community Herford e.V. With the donation a seminar was supported with the topic “Gentle language - words as mirror of the attitude for the honorary death companions”. Photo: Hettich

128 employees worldwide took part in the "Hettich Ehrenamt" campaign and registered projects that are close to their hearts and for which they volunteer. 83 projects were funded in Germany; in the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, China and England 45 projects were supported, each with 500 euros.

Since 2013, Hettich has been supporting projects for which em-ployees are committed to sustainably strengthening volunteer work. A total of 461,500 euros have been funded since then in 778 projects worldwide. For the seventh time in 2019, Hettich employ-ees will be invited to participate in the promotion of the Honorary Office. "Many projects can only be implemented with volunteer support from volunteers. "We welcome and encourage the dedica-tion of our employees beyond their working lives and are pleased with the many positive responses from the clubs and projects." stated Dr. Andreas Hettich, Chairman of the Hettich Executive Board.