Good furniture design to be or not to be.

How do you manage to be perceived positively by your target groups? How do you manage to fix your brand firmly in your customers' minds? Our answer: with good furniture design. Because no matter whether in the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom or living room, workplace, hotel or shop: high quality design simply brings real pleasure and enriches our everyday lives.

Award winning design excellence from Hettich

Every product from Hettich is the result of a joint team effort. When our core products - from drawer systems to refrigerator hinges - manage to win over independent expert juries, this is important confirmation for our dedicated colleagues and the best incentive to continue developing pioneering products.

Sensys hinge

Sensys wide-angle hinge

Sensys thick door hinge

Sensys thin door hinge

ArciTech drawer system

AvanTech drawer system

Push to open Silent for ArciTech drawers

InnoTech Atira drawer system

ComfortSpin rotating shelf

ViZard by ambigence Flap fitting

TopLine XL sliding door system

WingLine L folding sliding door system

ComfortSwing lifting system for dishwasher‘s bottom rack

Easys for refrigerators

SlideLine M sliding door system

AvanTech YOU Illumination

Push to open Silent for hinged doors

Quadro Compact FE 20 for wine refrigerators