Good furniture needs good solutions

Be inspired by a wealth of intelligent fitting solutions. Technik für Möbel: our way of saying technology for furniture that comes with fascinating functions, ease of use and many years of reliable service.

Flap fittings

LiftUp fittings from Hettich are the prime choice for flaps. They are easy to use, save space, gently retract the flap and close it in virtual silence. These fittings offer a wealth of options for designing and using cabinet space. Suitable for many different flap sizes and material thicknesses, they are easy to fit and adjust in production. Move up with Hettich.

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Connecting technology

What connecting fittings from Hettich join together just doesn't come apart. Solutions for any jointing task, for flexibility in design and construction today and tomorrow. Permitting the choice of classic and many new lightweight materials. Simple to use in production and assembly. Technology that stays put – perfection that's expected. From Hettich.

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Assembly and planning aids

With intelligent assembly aids and drilling jigs for perfect results! For mounting or assembling drawers, runners, hinges, mounting plates, connecting fittings, drawer fronts or handles: Hettich offers practical work aids, such as automatic drilling and insertion machines, for every stage in the furniture making process.

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Great products – great service

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AxisDrive IPSe - An entry level model.

  • Language: English
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  • Category: Further products
  • Product Category: Adjustment systems for seating and beds

AxisDrive component parts - Overview and Configuration

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  • Category: Further products
  • Product Category: Adjustment systems for seating and beds

Ergonomics made easy: LegaDrive Systems Eco desk support

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  • Category: == Inspiration & Planning, Ideas & Planning, Trends, Further products
  • Product Category: Lifting column system

Special-purpose fittings, Right for the kitchen, 2016

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  • Category: Further products
  • Product Category: Connecting fittings

Technology that moves: Hettich furniture fittings, 2014 (VCI-version)

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  • Category: Drawer systems, Folding and sliding door systems, Further products, Drawer runners, Hinges
  • Product Category: Assembly machinery, Ball bearing runners KA, Bottom running sliding door systems, Connecting fittings, Double walled drawer system, Fast assembly hinges, Flap fittings, Folding door systems, Entry level hinges, Quadro System, Roller runners FR, Single walled, Special hinges for office applications, Systems for office furniture, Top running sliding door systems, Vertically running sliding door systems

Product highlights and services, 2016

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  • Product Category: Quadro System, Fast assembly hinges, Top running sliding door systems, Bottom running sliding door systems, Lifting column system, Systems for office furniture

Hettich Plan

Optimising job preparation with the carcase configurator takes very little effort but saves no end of time at the design and production stage.

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Hettich product configurator

Gather information, find products, place orders – simply order online! Put your products together quickly and conveniently using the Hettich product configurator.

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Hettich CAD

HettCAD assists you in planning and designing furniture as well as in positioning fittings.

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